TBF (Wish List)

The To Be Found (and most probably owned) List. At one time or another each of these books grabbed my interest--some of them I don't even remember why.  But maybe one day I'll get around to them and find out.  Almost everything on this list is a mystery...other genres will be marked.

1. Run with the Hare; And Let the Coffin Pass; Beyond the Dark (Dell Mapback #93) by Kieran Abbey (Helen Reilly)
2. About the Murder of the Circus Queen by Anthony Abbott (Popular Library #159)
3. Bungalow on the Roof by Achmed Abdullah (Myster League #22) 
4. The Body in the Bunker by Herbert Adams
5. Blazing Tree by Mary Jo Adamson  (historical mystery)
6. On Murder's Skirts by Terry Adler
7. Crime at Christmas; The Art of the Impossible by Jack Adrian & Robert Adey (eds)
8. Murder Among Thieves by Peter Alding (vintage)
9. Crime on the Kennet by Cyril Argentine Alington  
10. First Come, First Kill (Bantam #34) by Francis Allen
11. Quaker Witness Irene Allen (academic; Harvard)
12. Spence & the Holiday Murders by Michael Allen
13. The Talk Show Murders by Steve Allen
14. The Mind Readers; The Fashion in Shrouds (Pocket Books #329); The Sabotage Murder Mystery (Avon #29--but unnumbered) by Margery Allingham
15. A Coffin for Dimitrios (Pocket Book #232--only this edition) by Eric Ambler
16. The Body on Page One; She Shall Have Murder (Mapback #493) by Delano Ames
17. Trail of Murder by Christine Andreae (academic mystery)
18. Death in a High Latitude by James Anderson
19. Midnight Lady & the Mourning Man by David Anthony (academic mystery)
20. Woman in the Wardrobe by Peter Antony
21. Gull Yard by Margaret Archer
22. The Mystery of Cicely Thane; The Murder of Stephen Kester; The Murder of Sigurd Sharon; A Most Immoral Murder: Murder Makes Murder; Murder Comes Back;  The Purple Onion Mystery (aka Murder on Friday) by Harriet Ashbrook
23.  Death on Tiptoe; Plot Against a Widow; He Arrived at Dusk; Out Went a Taper by Ashby R(uby) C(onstance Annie) [aka Ruby Ferguson]
24. The Woman in the Picture (Popular Library #65) by John August
25. One Drop of Blood; Murder at Bridge by Anne Austin 
26. Anything for a Quiet Life (Bantam #39) by A. A. Avery
27. Homicide for Hannah by Dwight Babcock
28. Coffin Corner (Pocket Books #736) by George Bagby 
29. The Great Game; The Bishop's Crime; The Best of Mr. Fortune Stories (Pocket Books #190) by H. C. Bailey
30. The Noose Is Drawn (Armed Forces #1130) by Barber & Schabelitz
31. Bodies; Political Suicide; A Fatal Attachment; The Bad Samaritan; No Place of Safety; A Fall from Grace; A Charitable Body; Death on the High C's; Death in a Cold Climate;  The Masters of the House; Unholy Dying; A Cry from the Dark; the Graveyard Position; Dying Flames; The Killings on Jubilee Terrace; A Stranger in the Family by Robert Barnard
32. Murder Recalls Van Kill by Spencer Bayne (academic mystery)
33. Murder Intended;The Big Fish (aka Heads Off at Midnight); He Should Not have Slipped!; The Twelve Disguises; Hell Let Loose; Coffin for One; The House of Dr. Edwards; The Norwich Victims  by Francis Beeding (vintage)
34. The Lace Curtain Murders; Eyewitness to Murder by Sophie Belfort (academic mysteries)
35. Murder in HospitalThe Port of London Murders; The Upfold Witch; The Seeing Eye  by Josephine Bell (vintage)
36. Littlejohn on Leave by George Bellairs
37. A Private Killing by James Benet (Bantam #825)
38. The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennet (vintage)
39. The Chill by E. C. Benson (Dell Mapback #704)
40. The Blotting Book by E. F. Benson 
41. Tracks in the Snow by Godfrey R. Benson
42. Deadly Kisses by Phil Berger (Hollywood of the 30s)
43. The Layton Court Mystery; The Wychford Poisoning Case;A Puzzle in Poison (Not to Be Taken); Roger Sheringham & the Vane Mystery (The Mystery at Lovers' Cave); Death in the House; Jumping Jenny (Dead Mrs. Stratton); Murder in the Basement; Panic Party (Mr. Pidgeon's Island);  The Second Shot by Anthony Berkley
44. Illegal Entry by Robert Bernard 
45. Murder Secretary (Bart House #24) by William Beyer
46. Foul Play Suspected by John Beynon (aka John Wyndham) RARE
47. The House Without a Key (#50 WWII Pocket Book edition); The Black Camel (#133 WWII Pocket Book edition); The Keeper of the Keys (Dell Mapback #47); The Agony Column by Earl Derr Biggers
48. Death in 4 Colors by Brandon Bird (Mapback #531) 
49. The Blue Geranium by Dolan Birkley [aka Dolores Hitchens/D.B. Olsen] (Bart House #8)
50. The Hymn Tune Mystery by George A. Birmingham
51. The Widening Stain by Morris Bishop (academic mystery)
52. Death in the Dark by Stacey Bishop
53. Murder at the Met by David Black
54. Swinging Murder by Lionel Black (aka Anthony Matthews)
55. Murder a la Richelieu by Anita Blackmon
56. The Bitter Conquest; Young Lucifer (The Briar Patch); Mr. Christopolous; The English Wife (The Factor's Wife); Monkey on a Chain (When the Sun Goes Down); The Knock at Midnight; The Widow (Party in Dolly Creek); The Lemmings (The Melon in the Corn Field); Ghost Town; The Shirt Front (I Met Murder on the Way); Miss Charley; With Fondest Thoughts by Charity Blackstock
57. The Corpse in the Snowman (The Case of the Abominable Snowman) (Popular Library #60; Armed Forces #1031); Whisper in the Gloom; Deadly Joker by Nicholas Blake
58. John Smith Hears Death Walking (Bart House #5) by Wyate Blassingame 
59. Bedeviled (Mapback #344) by Libbie Block
60. Old Mrs. Camelot; High Pavement; No Grave for a Lady; Better [Off] Dead; This Side Murder {aka Murder on the Costa Brava}; No Time to Kill by John & Emery Bonett
61. Dead Reckoning; King Is Dead on Queen Street (Armed Forces #833) by Francis Bonnamy (academic mysteries)
62. Death Over Sunday (Mapback #19) by James Francis Bonnell
63. Nine Times Nine; The Case of the Solid Key (Avon #59); Case of the Seven of Cavalry; Far & Away; Exeunt Murderers; The Case of the Baker Street; The Case of the Crumpled Knave (Popular Library #154) by Anthony Boucher
64. Death Has a Past (Bantam #897) by Anita Boutell
65. Murder Wears Mukluks (Mapback #259) by Eunice Mays Boyd
66. The Three-Cornered Hat; Heads You Lose; Suddenly at His Residence (aka The Crooked Wreath); Fog of Doubt (only Mapback #881) by Christianna Brand
67. A Scream in Soho by John G. Brandon 
68. The Clue of the Postage Stamp by Arthur Bray (RARE)
69. The Traces of Brillhart; A Matter of Fact by Herbert Brean
70. The Gutenberg Murders (Mystery League #16); The Mardi Gras Murders (Mystery League #28) by Gwen Bristow & Bruce Manning
71. The Cambridge Murders; The Oxford Murders by Adam Broome (academic mysteries)
72. The Dead Ringer (Bantam #361); The Fabulous Clipjoint (Bantam #302 & #1134); The Bloody Moonlight (Bantam #763); The Screaming Mimi (Bantam #831); Night of the Jabberwock (Bantam #990); Death Has Many Doors (Bantam #1040) by Fredric Brown 
73. Thin Air (Mapback #894) by Howard Browne
74. Case with Four Clowns (Sgt Beef); At Death's Door; Death of a Cold; Death for a Ducat; Cold Blood; A Louse for the Hangman; Death on the Black Sands; Nothing Like Blood; Crack of Doom (Such Is Death); Death on Romney Marsh; Death by the Lake; Death of a Bovver Boy; Death at Hollow's End by Leo Bruce (some academic)
75. The Thirty-Nine Steps (Pocket Books edition #69); The Three Hostages (Bantam #31); Greenmantle (Pocket Book #94) by John Buchan
76. The Cornish Coast Murder; The Lake District Murder by John Bude  
77. So Young a Body by Frank Bunce (Pocket Books #777) 
78. The Shivering Bough by Noel Burke [aka Dolores Hitchens or D. B. Olsen] (Bart House #7)
79. Here Lies the Body (Popular Library #310); The Frightened Pigeon (Dell Mapback #204); Chinese Red (Dell Mapback #260) by Richard Burke
80. A Taste of Power (academic mystery) by W. J. Burley
81. The Secret [aka Mystery] of High Eldersham {Mystery League #15}; Death Leaves No Card; Legacy of Death; Death Paints a Picture; Up the Garden Path; Death in the Tunnel by Miles Burton 
82. The Perfect Murder Case by Christopher Bush
83. The King Cried Murder; A Coffin for Pandora; Sarsen Palace; Vesey Inheritance; A Coffin in Oxford; Olivia by Gwendoline Butler
84. Rest Without Peace by Elizabeth Byrd
85. Murder Scholastic by Janet Caird (academic mystery)
86. Site Unseen by Dana Cameron (academic mystery)
87. Murder Included {aka Poisoned Relations OR The Taste of Murder}; Body in the Beck; Long Shadows; And Be a Villain; All Is Discovered  by Joanna Cannon
88. The Devil in Velvet; It Walks by Night (#101 WWII Pocket Book edition); Most Secret; The Mad Hatter Mystery; Problem of the Wire Cage (Bantam Edition #304); Dr. Fell, Detective, & Other Stories; The Problem of the Green Capsule (The Black Spectacles) (Bantam Edition # 101 only); The Red Widow Murders; The Ghost's High Noon; The Magic Lantern Murders (The Punch & Judy Murders); Seeing Is Believing (Cross of Murder); (Death &) The Gilded Man; He Wouldn't Kill Patience;  Night at the Mocking Window (read); The Reader Is Warned; Department of Queer Complaints; March, Merrivale & Murder by John Dickson Carr [some as Carter Dickson]
89. Death of a Chancellor by Warren Carrier (academic mystery)
90. A Chosen Sparrow; Ruth; The Man Who Loved His Wife by Vera Caspary
91. Unexpected selected by Bennett Cerf (Bantam #502)
92. Blood in the Heather; Crime in Car 13 by Stephen Chalmers
93. Dark Hero (Avon Pocket edition #123); Sinister Errand (Avon Pocket edition #114); Mistress Murder (Avon Pocket edition #349) by Peter Cheyney
94. Bouquet Garni; The Libertines; Doone Walk by Douglas Clark
95. Baroness of Bow Street by Gail Clark
96. Last Voyage; Soon She Must Die; Last Judgment; The Mystery Lady; Last Seen in London by Anna Clark
97. Murder's Holiday (Avon #394 OR #631) by Donald Henderson Clarke
98. The Fifth Tumbler; Blind Drifts; The Man from Tibet; Green Shiver (Avon Pocket size #50) by Clyde Clason (academic mysteries)
99. Murder at Liberty Hall by Alan Clutton-Brock
100. The Poisoner's Mistake; Quickly Dead; Like a Guilty Thing by Belton Cobb
101. Who Killed the Curate? by Joan Coggin
102. Angel Without Mercy by Anthea Cohen
103. Sound of Revelry (Avon Pocket #46); Murder in Season (Popular Library #74); Romance in the Third Degree (Popular Library #88); Danger in Paradise (Popular Library #144); There's Always Time to Die (Popular Library #196); Dangerous Lady (Popular Library #264); More Beautiful Than Murder (Popular Library #427) by Octavus Roy Cohen
104. Off With Her Head; A Knife in the Dark; Burglars in Bucks; The Brothers Sackville; Disgrace to the College; Counterpoint to Murder by GDH and MI Cole
105. Brief Candles; Come & Go by Manning Coles
106. The Fog Comes (Bantam #23); Death Warmed Over (Bantam #718) by Mary Collins
107. The Case with Nine Solutions; Grim Vengeance; Gold Brick Island; The Sweepstake Murders; The Castleford Conundrum; The Ha-Ha Case; In Whose Dim Shadow by J. J. Connington
108. The Blank Page by K. C. Constantine (academic mystery)
109. Hearse of a Different Color by Merle Constiner
110. Into the Void: A Bookshop Mystery by Florence Converse (academic mystery)
111. The Curse of the Fleers (gothic); Dark Mirror (private eye) by Basil Copper
112. Four Frightened Women (Mapback #5); The Glass Triangle (Mapback #81 & #522); Murder With Pictures (Mapback #101); The Lady Is Afraid (Mapback #147); Silent Are the Dead (Mapback #225); The Charred Witness (Mapback #240); Murder for Two (Mapback #276): Alias the Dead (Mapback #377); Murder in Havana (Mapback #423); The Groom Lay Dead (Mapback #502); Fashioned for Murder (Mapback #678); The Hollow Needle (Mapback #757); Inland Passage (Mapback #799); The Frightened Fiancee (Mapback #838) by George Harmon Coxe 
113. The Applegreen Cat; The Pink Umbrella (Murder): The Shocking Pink Hat; Murder on the Purple Water; Black Cypress; The Flying Red Horse; The Daffodil Blonde; Murder in Blue Stree (aka Death in the Blue Hour); The Polkadot Murder; 13 White Tulips; Death in Lilac Time; Horror on the Ruby X; The Man in Gray (aka The Gray Stranger); The Buttercup Case; The Amber Eyes; Body Beneath a Mandarin Tree; The Turquoise Shop (Avon Pocket #58) by Frances Crane
114. Inspector West Takes Charge; Go Away to Murder; Inspector West at Home; Inspector West Regrets; Holiday for Inspector West; Battle for Inspector West; Triumph for Inspector West; Inspector West Kicks Off; Inspector West Alone; The Dissemblers; Give a Man a Gun; Send Superintendent West; Death of an Assassin; Hit & Run; Doorway to Death;  The Case of the Innocent Victims; Murder on the Line; The Scene of the Crime; Policeman's Dread; Look Three Ways at Murder; Murder, London-South Africa; The Executioners; Murder, London-Miami; A Part for a Policeman; Alibi; A Splinter of Glass; The Extortioners (second story--Australia connection); A Sharp Rise in Crime [all stories = Inspector West] by John Creasey
115. One Dead Dean; A Dangerous Thing by Bill Crider [academic mystery]
116. The Azure Hand by S. R. Crockett
117. The Ponson Case A Losing Game (Popular Library #121); Tragedy in the Hollow (Popular Library #18); Sir John MacGill's Last Journey (Pocket Books #105); Wilful & Premeditated (Avon #9--but unnumbered); Cold-Blooded Murder (Avon #126) by Freeman Wills Crofts
118. Great Unsolved Crimes by A. J. Cronin, R. Austin Freeman, & Dorothy L Sayers
119. The Fast Death Factor by Patricia Crosby (academic mystery
120. Murder in a Minor Key (aka Requiem for Ashes) by D. A. Crossman (academic mystery)
121. Dead as Dead Can Be; Clively Close: Wait for the Dark by Ann Crowleigh
122. Death of a Bullionaire (Mapback #313); The Affair at the Boat Landing (Mapback #410); Death Haunts the Dark Lane (Mapback #465) by A. B. Cunningham
123. Nine Doctors & a Madman by Elizabeth Curtiss
124. Dying Fall by Judith Cutler (academic mystery)
125. The Fowler Formula by Herbert Dalmas (academic mystery)
126. The Book of the Dead (Bantam Edition #353); Deadly Nightshade (Bantam Edition #78);  Nothing Can Rescue Me (Bantam Edition #53) by Elizabeth Daly
127. Murder at the New York World's Fair by Freeman Dana [Phoebe Atwood Taylor]
128. The Cambridge Murders by Glyn Daniel (aka Dilwynn Rees) [academic mystery]
129. A Capitol Offense by Jocelyn Davey (academic mystery)
130. The Murder in the Laboratory by T. L. Davidson (aka D. L. Thomson) [academic mystery]
131. The Judas Cat (Bantam #927); The Clay Hand (Bantam #1013); A Gentle Murderer (Bantam #1083) by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
132. Coffins for Three; the Deadly Miss Ashley (Pocket Books #804) by Frederick C Davis
133. The Room Upstairs (Pocket Books edition #638) by Mildred Davis
134. Murder in Time by Lillian Day & Norbert Lederer
135. Murder Is a Serious Business; Murder a Mile High by Elizabeth Dean
136. A Murder by Marriage (Bantam #6); On Ice (Bantam #148) by Richard Harding Dean
137. Ceremony of Innocence; Such Pretty Toys; The Accused by S. F. X. Dean
138. The Frightened Fingers (Dell Mapback #682) by Spencer Dean
139. The Hog Murders by Willaim DeAndrea (academic)
140. The Walls Came Tumbling Down by Babs Deal (academic)
141. Elizabeth Is Missing by Lillian de la Torre
142. The Gallows Is My Garden (Dell Mapback #682) by Richard Deming
143. Double Death by The Detection Club (Dorothy L Sayers, et al)
144. Devil at Your Elbow; Death Is My Bridegroom by D. M. (Dominic) Devine (academic mysteries)
145. At Some Forgotten Door; The 17th Letter (Bantam #91) by Doris Miles Disney
146. The Hangman's Tree (Bantam #863); The Golden Swan Murder (Mapback #15); The Strawstruck Murders (Mapback #62); Death in the Back Seat (Mapback #76); Crimson Friday (Mapback #137) by Dorothy Cameron Disney
147. Death & Taxes (Popular Library #168); Shear the Black Sheep (Popular Library #202); Bullets for the Bridegroom (Popular Library #252) by David Dodge
148. Murder on Tour; The Cat Screams (Popular Library #68); Vultures in the Sky; Murder in the Tropic; The Case of the Unconquered Sisters; The Last Trumpet; Night Over Mexico; Death Under the Moonflower; The Lazy Lawrence Murders by Todd Downing
149. The Sherlock Holmes Pocket Book by Arthur Conan Doyle (WWII Pocket Book #95--must have)
150. He Shot to Kill; Murder by Chance; Death by Two Hands (aka Crime Within Crime); Murder by Proxy; Tune to a Corpse (aka Crime to Music); High Seas Murder by Peter Drax and Sing a Song of Murder (with Hazel Adair)
151. Send for Paul Temple by Francis Dunbridge & John Thewes
152. Streaked With Crimson by Charles Judson Dutton (academic mystery)
153. Close His Eyes by Olivia Dwight (academic mystery)
154. The Bell Is Answered; Twenty-Five Sanitary Inspectors; Candidate for Lilies; Detectives in Gum Boots; Murder Rehearsal; Pearl Choker  by Roger East
155. While the Patient Slept (#64 WWII Pocket Book edition); Escape the Night (Bantam #46); Mystery of Hunting"s End (Avon WWII pocket size edition #35); Danger in the Dark (Popular Library #2); The House on the Roof (Popular Library #17); From This Dark Stairway (Popular Library #27); Hasty Wedding (Popular Library #73); Pattern of Murder (Popular Library #167); The Hangman's Whip (Popular Library #293); Wings of Fear (Bantam #137); The White Dress (Bantam #739); Speak No Evil (Mapback #25 & 3628); With this Ring (Mapback #83); Wolf in Man's Clothing (Mapback #136); The Man Next Door (Mapback #161); Unidentified Woman (Mapback #213); Hunt with the Hounds (Mapback #546); Never Look Back (Mapback #669); Dead Men's Plans (Mapback #767); The Unknown Quantity (Mapback #811) by Mignon G. Eberhart
156. Murder in Black & White by Evelyn Elder (aka Milward Kennedy) 
157. The Key to Nicholas Street (Dell Mapback #763) by Stanley Ellin
158. The Web of Evil (Dell Mapback #479) by Louise Emerick
159. Front for Murder (Avon #288) by Guy Emery
160. Give Up the Ghost; The Voice in the House (The Whispering House); I Knew McBean (Caravan of Night); The Silver Ladies (The Disappearing Bridegroom); The Brood of Folly; The Case of Mary Fielding; The Ewe Lamb; The Limping Man (And Being Dead OR The Painted Mask); A Graveyard Plot (The House of the Enchantress); Old Mrs. Ommaney Is Dead (Fatal Relations OR The Dead Don't Speak); Dead by Now; Look Behind You, Lady (Death of Our Dear One OR Don't Look Behind You) by Margaret Erskine 
161 Murder May Pass Unpunished; The Young Vanish; The Dalehouse Murder; The Hammer of Doom; Murder at Plenders; Insoluble by Francis Everton
162. The Lost Keats; Deadstick by Terence Faherty (academic)
163. The 5:18 Mystery; (The Mystery of) Dead Man's Heath; The Fancy Dress Ball (Death in Fancy Dress); The Judge Sums Up; The Double Crime by J. Jefferson Farjeon
164. Death on the Downbeat by Sebastian Farr
165. The Cretan Counterfeit by Katherine Farrers (academic mystery)
166. Dagger of the Mind (Bantam Pocket #93) by Kenneth Fearing
167. A Long Way Down by Elizabeth Fenwick (academic mystery)
168. The Grouse Moor Mystery by John Ferguson
169. Furnished for Murder (Unreasonable Doubt OR Count the Cost); Foot in the Grave; Experiment with Death by E. X./Elizabeth Ferrars
170. Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (Avon Pocket #72); Blood on Her Shoe (Popular Library #201) by Medora Field
171. The Upfold Farm Mystery by A. Fielding
172. The Woman in the Water (Prequel #1); The Vanishing Man (Prequel #2); A Beautiful Blue Death (read--buy to own); An East End Murder (#4.5) by Charles Finch
173. Many a Monster by Robert Finnegan (Bantam Pocket #363)
174. More Deaths Than One (Pocket Boos #521) by Bruno Fischer
175. Rub-a-dub-dub by Robert L Fish
176. The Night Before Murder (Popular Library #317) by Steve Fisher
178. Academic Murder by Dorsey Fiske
179. 70,000 Witnesses: A Football Mystery by Cortland Fitzsimmons
180. Screams from a Penny Dreadful; Too Late, Too Late the Maiden Cried; Nothing Is the Number When You Die by Joan Fleming
181. The Ebony Box; The Murder at Wrides Park; The Yorkshire Moorland Murder; The Matheson Formula; The Dressing Room Murder; The Mysterious Chinaman; The Mazaroff Murder; The Charing Cross Mystery; The Million Dollar Diamond by J. S. Fletcher
182. Tread Softly; Invisible Death; The Spiked Lion; The Mystery of the Peacock's Eye; The Murders Near Mapleton; The Case of the Black Twenty-Two; The Billiard Room Mystery; Five Red Fingers by Brian Flynn
183. The Girl From Nowhere (Pockets Books #707) by Rae Foley
184. The Dark Ships (Avon WWII pocket size edition #38) by Hulbert Footner
185. Ill-Met by Moonlight (Dell Mapback #6); The Simple Way of Poison (#122 WWII Pocket Books); Siren in the Night (Bantam #303); Old Lover's Ghost (Bantam #114); Murder of a Fifth Columnist; Road to Folly (Bantam #42); Honolulu (Murder) Story; The Woman in Black (Mapback #447); Washington Whispers Murder (The Lying Jade); Reno Rendezvous (Mr. Cromwell Is Dead); Three Bright Pebbles (Popular Library #6); Reno Rendezvous (Popular Library #24); False to Any Man (Bantam #80); The Philadelphia Murder Story (Mapback #354); Date with Death (Mapback #547); The Bahamas Murder Case (Mapback #689); Murder Is the Pay-off (Mapback #788) by Leslie Ford

187. Publish or Perish? by H. L. Forrest
188. Who Killed Mr. Garland's Mistress?; Death Through the Looking Glass; A Child's Garden of Death by Richard Forrest
189. Murder Goes to College: A Badger Smith Mystery by Robert Foster (academic mystery)
190. The King Against Anne Bickerton by Sydney Fowler (Wright) 
191. Slender Margin by Basil Francis
192. Mr. Polton Explains (Popular Library #70); The Stoneware Monkey (Popular Library #11); The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke (Popular Library #122); Dr. Thorndyke's Discovery (Avon #10--but unnumbered) by R. Austin Freeman
193. Murder Comes to Eden; The Man from Scotland Yard (#153 WWII Pocket Book); Mr. Pinkerton at the Old Angel (Avon #34; Popular Library #34); The Eel Pie Murders (Popular Library #9); Mr. Pinkerton Has the Clue (Popular Library #26); Mr. Pinkerton Finds a Body (Pocket Library #111); Mr. Pinkerton of Scotland Yard (Pocket Books #124) by David Frome
194. The Grell Mystery; The Rogue's Syndicate by Frank Froest
195. Reunion with Murder (Popular Library #207); This Is Murder, Mr. Jones (Popular Library #117); Harvard Has a Homicide (Mapback #54; Armed Forces #744) by Timothy Fuller
196. The Mystery Companion (Popular Library #130) by A. L. Furman (ed)
197. A Convenient Death by Ruth Galbraith (academic mystery)
198. Sinister Crag; Murder at 28:10 by Newton Gale
199. Maze by A. H. Garnet (academic mystery)
200. Too Many Magicians by Randall Garrett
201. Appointment with Danger (Popular Library #765) by David Garth 
202. No Mask for Murder (Dell Mapback #571): No Tears for Hilda (Dell Mapback #655); By-Line for Murder (Dell Mapback #765) by Andrew Garve
203. Blood on the Boards (Dell Mapback #835) by William Campbell Gault
204. Death at Broadcasting House; Under London by Val Gielgud & Holt Marvell
205. Death in the Blackout (Bantam Pocket Edition #51); Murder Cheats the Bride (The Black Stage) (Bantam #138); Death at the Door (Bantam Pocket edition #85) by Anthony Gilbert
206. Death Has Deep Roots (Mapback #744) by Michael Gilbert
207. A File on Death; No Better Fiend; Death & the Leaping Ladies; Death Among the Stars; Stab in the Back; An Entry of Death; A Death at the Bar; Bardel's Murder; A Death in the Church: Picture of Death by Kenneth Giles
208. Scarecrow (Dell Mapback #193) by Eaton K. Goldthwaite 
209. The Monster of Grommet (Mystery League #8) by George Goodchild
210. Tidings of Joy; We Shot an Arrow by Goodchild & Bechhofer Roberts 
211. Dark Passage (Dell Mapback #221) by David Goodis
212. The Big Ben Alibi by Neil Gordan
213. The Cipher by Alex Gordon (academic mystery)
214. The Burden of Guilt (Dell Mapback #727) by Ian Gordon
215. Murder of an M.P.! (aka In Search of a Villain) by Robert Gore-Brown
216. In the Night; The Devouring Fire; Red Lilac by Lord Gorell 
217. Seven Clues in Search of a Crime; House with Crooked Walls; A Case for Solomon; Work for the Hangman; And a Bottle of Rum; Dead Pigs at Hungry Farm; A Murder of Some Importance; Body Unknown by Bruce Graeme
218. The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope (Dell Mapback #180); The Rope Began to Hang the Butcher (Dell Mapback #232) by C.W. Grafton
219. The Fiend in Human by John MacLachlan Gray
220. What a Body! (Dell Mapback #483) by Alan Green 
220. Out of Shape by Leonard Greenbaum
222. Expert Evidence by Cecil Freeman Gregg221. John Dickson Carr: The Man Who Explained Miracles by Douglas Greene  (ed) Biography
223. Mystery at the Spanish Hacienda (Avon #3--unnumbered) by Jackson Gregory
224. An Academic Death by J. M. Gregson
225. Puzzle in Porcelain (Bart House #29) by Robin Grey (Elizabeth Fenner Gresham) 
226. The Arsenal Stadium Mystery by Leonard Gribble
227. The Punt Murder by Aceituna Griffin
228. The French Key Mystery (Avon #91); The Yellow Overcoat (Popular Library #188); The Buffalo Box (Bantam #50); The Dark Street Murders (Avon #93) by Frank Gruber
229. Deadlier Than the Male (Armed Forces #946) by James Gunn
230. Hangman's Tie (Bart House #32) by Christopher Hale
231. Middle-Class Murder; Hue & Cry; Rex vs. Rhodes; The Brighton Murder Trial; To Be Hanged by Bruce Hamilton 
232. Murder Twice Told (Mapback #577) by Donald Hamilton
233. Death Is No Sportsman by Cyril Hare
234. The Bellamy Trial (Pocket Books edition #264); The Crooked Lane by Frances Noyes Hart 
235. The Smell of Money (Mapback #219); The Accomplice (Mapback #346) by Matthew Head
236. A Taste for Honey (Avon #108); Reply Paid (Mapback #44) by H. F. Heard
237. Death Set to Music (aka Pel & the Parked Car) by Mark Hebden
238. Hollywood Mystery (Bart House #25); Count Bruga (Avon #11--but unnumbered) by Ben Hecht
239. If Wishes Were Horses by Tim Hemlin (academic mystery)
240. Murder at Large by Donald Henderson
241. Music To Murder By by Vernon Hinkle
242. Stairway to an Empty Room (Mapback #659); Widows Won't Wait (Mapback #779) by Dolores Hitchens
253. Death at the Wedding; Six Green Bottles; The Vultures Gather by Anne Hocking
254. A Death at Saint Anselm's; A Fatal Advent by Isabelle Holland 
255. Cobweb House (Dell Mapback #133) by Elizabeth Hughes Holloway
256. No Hands on the Clock (Bantam #52); Finders Keepers (Bantam #89); The Case of the Unhappy Angels [Six Silver Handles] (Bantam #779); The Doctor Died at Dusk (Mapback #14); The Man Who Didn't Exist (Mapback #41); The Man Who Murdered Goliath (Mapback #86): The Man Who Murdered Himself (Avon #18--unnumbered) by Geoffrey Homes
257. The Mystery of the House of Commons by Fielding Hope
258. The Girl Who Died; The 41st Passenger; Pierce with a Pin; She Died Because; Campus Corpse  by Kenneth Hopkins
259. The Peril (Mystery League #11); The False Purple (Mystery League #23) by Sydney Horler 
260. Twice Round the Clock by Billie Houston
261. The Delicate Ape (Pocket edition #422; Armed Forces #828); The So Blue Marble (Mapback #100; Armed Forces #785); The Fallen Sparrow (Mapback #31); The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders (Mapback #48); The Blackbirder (Mapback #149); Ride the Pink Horse (Mapback #210); The Body on the Bench (Mapback #853); Dread Journey (Pocket Books #454); In a Lonely Place (Pocket Books #587) by Dorothy B. Hughes
262. An Educated Murder by J. R. Hulland (academic mystery)
263. Murder at Scandal House (Mapback #42) by Peter Hunt
264. Death of an Aryan by Elspeth Huxley 
265. Who Goes Hang; Green Grow the Tresses-O; Top Bloody Secret by Stanley Hyland
266. A Shot of Murder (Mapback #722) by Jack Iams
267. Death by Moonlight (Avon #752) by Michael Innes
268. Bitter Ending (Dell Mapback #289) by Alexander Irving 
269. Let There Be Blood; The Egyptian Coffin; Fool's Gold by Jane Jakeman
270. Footsteps in the Fog; Ring the Bell Softly; Voice in the Darkness by Margaret James (Pamela Bennett) 
271. Beat Not the Bones (Avon #623) by Charlotte Jay
272. Killer by Proxy (Bantam #803) by Selwyn Jepson
273. Dead Man's Quarry by Ianthe Jerrold
274. Death by Request by Romilly & Katherine John
275. Shady Doings; The Singing Widow; Murder by the Day; Hush, Gabriel by Veronica Parker Johns
276. Murder in the New Age by D. J. H. Jones
277. Murder on Hudson (Dell Mapback #3) by Jennifer Jones
278. Don't Just Die There; Death on the Double (Avon Pocket Size); Armchair in Hell (Mapback #316); Report for a Corpse (Mapback #330); A Copse for Christmas (Mapback #735) by Henry Kane
279. A Rush on the Ultimate; A Remarkable Case of Burglary by H. R. F. Keating
280. This Is Murder, Mr. Herbert (Avon #159) by Day Keene
281. Blind Man's Bluff (Mapback #230); The Iron Spiders Murder (Mapback #50); The Last Express (Mapback #95); The Whistling Hangman (Mapback #113); Death Knell (Mapback #273) by Baynard Kendrick
282. Death in a Deck Chair; Corpse in Cold Storage (or any others) by Milward Kennedy
283. Death in the Library (Mapback #1) by Philip Ketchum
284. Murder by the Clock (Avon WWII pocket size edition #31); Murder in the Willett Family (Avon Pocket #55); Murder on the Yacht (Avon Pocket #67) by Rufus King
285. Brighton Beach Mystery; The Circle of Guilt; The Rigdale Puzzle; Murder in Disguise; Death Came Back by Charles Kingston
286. Birthday Party; Crime at Christmas; The Cornish Fox by C. H. B. Kitchin
287. The Affair of the Scarlet Crab (Mapback #75) by Clifford Knight
288. Trace Elements by Kathryn L Knight (academic mystery)
289. The Body in the Silo; The Three Taps; The Viaduct Murder; Still Dead by Ronald A. Knox
290. Blood Is a Beggar by Thomas Kyd
291. Miami Murder Go Round (Pocket Books #896) by Marston La France
292. Switched Out by Robert Lait (set in Cambridge)
293. Sherlock Holmes & the Wood Green Empire Mystery by W. Lane
294. Sing a Song of Homicide (Poplular Library #63) by James R. Langahm
295. Politics Is Murder (Bantam #746) by Edwin Lanham
296. Gory Knight by Margaret Rivers Larminie & Jane Langslow
297. Dear Dead Professor by K. Alison LaRoche (academic mystery)
298. Come to Dust; Banking on Death by Emma Lathen  
299. Murder in the Madhouse (Popular Library #4); The Dead Don't Care (Popular Library #16); The Fifth Grave (Popular Library #301) by John Latimer
300. Who Done It? by Alice Laurance & Isaac Asimov 
301. Duet of Death; Blood Upon the Snow (Armed Forces #P-17; Pocket Books #336); Death of a Doll (Armed Services #1270); The Deadly Pavilion (Pocket Books #492) by Hilda Lawrence
302. Prescription for Murder (Mapback #80); The Dark Device (Mapback #302) by Hannah Lees
303. The Tunnel Mystery (Mystery League #18) by J. C. Lenehan
304. The Man Who Held Five Aces (Pocket Books #739) by Jean Leslie 
305. Something to Hide by Peter Levine (academic mystery)
306.  For Sale-Murder (Mystery League #25); Death Points a Finger (Mystery League #30)
307. Murder Among Friends (aka Death Among Friends) (Bart House #36); The Birthday Murder (Mapback #214) by Lange Lewis
308. A Cracking of Spines by Roy Harley Lewis
309. The Medbury Fort Murder by George Limnelius
310. Black Corridors; The Black Gloves; Black-Headed Pins (Popular Library #83); The Black Honeymoon; The Black Paw; The Black Stocking; The Great Black Kanba; The Grey Mist Murders' The Black Shrouds by Constance & Gwenyth Little
311. Murder One (Pocket Books #737) by Eleazer Lipsky
312. The Mystery of the Villa Sineste (Mystery League #19) by Walter Livingston
313. Mr. & Mrs. North; Hanged for a Sheep (Bantam Edition #305) & hardback); Killing the Goose (Ahardback); Murder By the Book; Death on the Aisle (need hardback); Death of a Tall Man (Armed Forces #1231; hardback); Murder Is Served (hardback); Murder Is Suggested (need Hardback); Death Takes a Bow (Hardback); Murder Out of Turn (Hardback & Avon #515); Murder Within Murder (Armed Forces #1162); Murder Comes First (Avon #434); The Norths Meet Murder (Avon #471); A Pinch of Poison (hardback); Dead as a Dinosaur (Avon #535); Think of Death (Armed Forces #1293); The Innocent House; The Golden Man; Troubled Journey; Death in a Sunny Place; Death in the Mind; A Matter of Taste by Francis &/or Richard Lockridge
314. The Shakespeare Murders (academic mystery) by Amelia Reynolds Long
315. Bury the Hatchet (Bart House #36) by Manning Long
316. The Murder on the Burrows; The Affair at Thor's Head; Death on the Oxford Road; Murder in the St. John's Woods; Murder in Chelsea; The Organ Speaks; Crime Counter Crime; A Pall for a Painter; Post After Post-Mortem; These Names Make Clues; Bats in the Belfry; The Devil & the CID (vintage copy only); Slippery Staircase; Black Beadle; John Brown's Body; Relative to Poison; Death Before Dinner (aka A Screen for Murder); Part for a Poisoner (aka Place for a Poisoner); Still Waters; Accident by Design; Murder of a Martinet (aka I Could Murder Her); Murder in the Mill-Race (aka Speak Justly of the Dead); Crook O'Lune (aka Shepherd's Crook); Let Well Alone; Tryst for a Tragedy; Death at Dyke's Corner; Case in the Clinic; The Sixteenth Stair; Fell Murder; Fire in the Thatch; The Theft of the Iron Dogs (aka Murderer's Mistake); Ask a Policeman; Murder in Vienna; Dangerous Domicile; Picture of Death; Murder on a Monument; Death in Triplicate (aka People Will Talk)  by E. C. R. Lorac 
317. Dreamland; Sorrowheart by M. K. Lorens
318. One More Unfortunate (Bantam #360); Verdict in Dispute (Bantam #861) by Edgar Lustgarten 
319. The Drowning Pool (Pocket Books #821) by John Ross MacDonald
320. The White Crow; Persons Unknown (aka The Maze); The Wraith; The Crime Conductor; Rope to Spare; R.I.P. (aka Menace); Death on My Left; Mystery at Friar's Pardon; The Noose; The Link; The Dark Wheel (aka Sweet & Deadly); Escape (aka Mystery in Kensington Gore) by Philip MacDonald
321. Body Found Stabbed by A. G. MacDonell
322. Death Is Academic by Amanda MacKay
323. The Three Couriers by Compton Mackenzie
324. The Prisoner in the Castle (Maggie Hope #8); The King's Justice (#9) by Susan Ella MacNeal
325. The Square Root of Murder by Ada Madison (rec by Puzzle Doctor)
326. I Smell the Devil by Carey Magoon (academic mystery)
327. Murder at Midyears by Marion Mainwaring (academic mystery)
328. Only Security; Grave Goods; A Charitable End by Jessica Mann (academic mystery)
329. The Next Margaret by Janice MacDonald Mant (academic mystery)
330. Murder Meets Mephisto (Bart House #11) by Queena Mario
331. Body English by Linda French Mariz (academic mystery)
332. The Devil Drives (Bart House #10); Death in the Dusk by Virgil Markham
333. The Crimson Feather (Mapback #207) by Sarah Elizabeth Mason
334. Saigon Singer (Bantam #311); Spider House (Mystery League #27) by F. Van Wyck Mason
335. Bury Me Deep (Pocket Books #558); Suddenly a Corpse (Pocket Books #704) by Harold Q. Masur
336. The Waltz of Death (Bart House #9) by P. B. Maxon
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338. Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb
339. Pick Your Victim (Mapback #307; Armed Services #1255); The Seven Deadly Sisters (Mapback #412); Follow the Night (Mapback #612) by Pat McGerr
340. Portrait of a Murderer by Anne Meredith 
341. Creep Shadow Creep (Avon Pocket edition #117); The Metal Monster (Avon Pocket edition #315) by A. Merritt
342. On the Night of the 18th by Laurence Meynell 
343. Wall of Eyes (Mapback #110); The Iron Gates (Mapback #209); Do Evil in Return (Mapback #558) by Margaret Millar
344. Death at the Opera; The Devil at Saxon Wall; Late Late in the Evening;St. Peter's Finger;Tom Brown's Body; Laurels Are Poison by Gladys Mitchell
345. The Careless Hangman; The Criminologist; That Nice Miss Smith; Victorian Crime Stories; The Corpse Was No Lady; Science Against Crime; Hangman's Clutch; Sing a Song of Cyanide by Nigel Morland 
346. The Phantom Canoe (Popular Library #103) by William Byron Mowery
347. The Queen & the Corpse (Mapback #485); The King & the Corpse; The Right Honourable Corpse; The Doctor & the Corpse; The Sunshine Corpse Royal Bed for a Corpse; Breakfast with a Corpse; Twilight at Dawn; Wait for a Corpse  by Max Murray
348. Murder in the Limelight; Murder Makes an Entrée; Murder with Majesty; Murder in Pug's Parlour; the Wickenham Murders; Murder at the Music Hall; Murder in the Motor Stable; Murder in the Smokehouse; Murder under the Kissing Bough  by Amy Myers 
349. Dead Giveaway (Mapback #520) by Hugh Lawrence Nelson
350. Murder of a Nymph (Pocket Books #829) by Margot Neville 
351. The White Shroud by Robert Nicholas (academic mystery)
351. Grave Circle by David D. Nolta
352. The Genteel Murderer by Charles Norman
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354. Love Me in Death; Devious Design; Something About Midnight (Pocket Books #817); Gallows for the Groom; Bring the Bride a Shroud; Death Cuts a Silhouette; The Cat Wears a Noose; Cat's Claw; Catspaw for Murder; The Alarm of the Black Cat;The Ticking Heart by D. B. Olsen
355. The Great Prince Shan (#54 WWII Pocket edition) by E. Phillips Oppenheim
356. The Dartmouth Murders by Clifford Orr (academic mystery)
357. Ways of Death by Hans Owen (academic mystery)
358. Corpse de Ballet by Ellen Pall
359. Murder on Wheels; The Monkey Murders; Nipped in the Bud (AKA Trap for a Redhead); People vs. Withers & Malone; Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene; Before It's Too Late (Mapback #601); Four Lost Ladies (Mapback #715) by Stuart Palmer
360. Mysterious Mickey Finn (Avon #243) by Elliot Paul
361. In the Dead of Winter by Abbey PenBaker (academic mystery)
362. Death's Long Shadow by John Penn
363. She Had to Have Gas; Policeman in Armour; The Talkative Policeman; Sealed Room Murder by Rupert Penny
364. Around Dark Corners; The Brass Chills (Avon #44; Popular Library #44); Cancelled in Red (Popular Library #53); I'll Sing at Your Funeral (Popular Library #109) by Hugh Pentecost
365. Alarum & Excursion; The Case of the Grieving Monkey; The Singing Clock; It Fell Down Dead by Virginia Perdue
366. The D.A.'s Daughter (Mapback #55) by Herman Petersen
367. Suitable for Framing (Pocket Books #725) by James Atlee Phillips 
368. The Captain's Curio; The Jury by Eden Phillpotts
369. Creeping Venom by Sheila Pim
370. The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective by C. L. Pirkis
371. The Ingenious Mr. Stone by Robert Player
372. The Stingaree Murders (Mystery League #29) by W. Shepard Pleasants
373. The Ware Case by George Pleydell 
374. Curtains for the Copper (Dell Mapback #29); Curtains for the Editor (Dell Mapback #82) by Thomas Polsky
375. Death Wears a White Gardenia; Murder in the Mist; Time Off for Murder; No Crime for a Lady; So Much Blood by Zelda Popkins
376. The Ledger Is Kept by Raymond Postgate
377 Lay That Pistol Down (Bantam Pocket Edition #70); All Over But the Shooting (Popular Library #92) by Richard Powell 
378. Blackout in Gretley (Armed Forces C-75) by J. B. Priestly
379. The Pennycross Murders (Avon #594) by Maurice Proctor
380 The Boudoir Murder; The Student Fraternity Murder by Milton Propper
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385. Casual Slaughters by James Quince
386. Murder Isn't Cricket; Who Killed Dick Whittington?; John Kyleing Died; Death Has Two Faces  by Edwin Radford
387. A Cosy Little Murder; Heel of Achilles by Edwin Radford & Mona Augusta Radford 388. Ngaio Marsh: The Woman & Her Work by B. J. Rahn (ed) Biography
389. Hearses Don't Hurry (Mapback #11) by Stephen Ransome
390. Death from a Top Hat (Dell Mapback #69); Footprints on the Ceiling (Dell Mapback #121; The Headless Lady (Dell Mapback #176); No Coffin for the Corpse (Dell Mapback #258) by Clayton Rawson
391. The Shadow of the Mary Celeste by Richard Rees
392. Death Demands an Audience (Popular Library #7); Murder in Shinbone Alley (Popular Library #20); McKee of Center Street (Popular Library #33); The Diamond Feather; The Thirty-First Bullfinch; Man with the Painted Head; the Doll Trunk Murder (Popular Library #211); Mr. Smith's Hat (Popular Library #48); File on Rufus Ray; Dead for a Ducat (Popular Library #56); The Dead Can Tell (Mapback #17); Three Women in Black (Mapback #114 & #709); Name Your Poison (Mapback #148) The Opening Door (Mapback #200); The Silver Leopard (Mapback #287); The Farmhouse (Mapback #397); Staircase 4 (Mapback #498); Lament for the Bride (Mapback #621); The Double Man (Dell 732); The Velvet Hand; Tell Her It's Murder; The Canvas Dagger (Bantam #1858) Ding Dong Bell (Ace Double #G-528); Follow Me (Ace G-518); The Silver Leopard (Armed Services #1241) ) by Helen Reilly
393. The Bus Station Murders; No Pockets in Shrouds; A Silver Spade; The Kindest Use a Knife; The Men with Three Eyes; See Rome & Die; A Party for the Shooting by Louise Revell 
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395. The Sunday Pigeon Murders (Pocket Books #434); Having Wonderful Crime (Pocket Books #289); The Wrong Murder (Popular Library #45); The Right Murder (Popular Library #89); The Big Midget Murders (Armed Forces #1106); Innocent Bystander (Mapback #461); Lucky Stiff (Pocket Books #398); The Thursday Turkey Murders (Pocket Books #461--better copy) by Craig Rice
396. Murder for the Holidays (Pocket Books edition #901) by Howard Rigsby
397. Sight Unseen (Avon #83); Miss Pinkerton (Popular Library #5; Mapback #494); The After House (Popular Library #21); The Yellow Room (Bantam #317); The Case of Jennie Brice (Mapback #40); The Mystery at the White Cat (Mapback #5) The Man in Lower Ten (Mapback #124 & #403); The Red Lamp (Mapback #131 & #782); The Wall (Mapback #166); The State Vs. Elinor Norton (Mapback #203); The Bat (Mapback #241); The Great Mistake (Mapback #297); The Circular Staircase (Mapback #585 & Pocket Book #98); Haunted Lady (Mapback #819); The Album (Pocket Books #121) (Avon Pocket edition #83) by Mary Roberts Rinehart 
398. The Case against Mrs. Amers (Popular Library #138) by Arthur Somers Roche
399. You Only Hang Once (Dell Mapback #102) by H. W. Roden
400. The Right Red Hand (Pocket Books #385) by Joel Townsley Rogers
401. Don't Look Behind You (Popular Library #287); You'll Be Sorry!; You Leave Me Cold! by Samuel Rogers [academic]
402. Murder in the Glass Room (Bantam #311) by Edwin Rolfe & Lester Fuller 
403. Family Matters; the Vicar's Experiments; Lobelia Grove by Anthony Rolls
404. They Can't Hang Me (Popular Library #64); This Way Out (Popular Library #389) by James Ronald
405. If the Shroud Fits (aka Dangerous Blondes); The Frightened Stiff (Mapback #56); There Was a Crooked Man; Ghost of a Chance (Armed Forces #1292); Triple Threat (aka Beauty Marks the Spot); One False Move; The Blonde Died Dancing (aka She Died Dancing); Murder at Noon & Night (aka Requiem for a Blonde); Scent of Mystery by Kelley Roos
406. The Calculus of Murder by Robert Rosenthal  (academic mystery)
407. The Blood Running Cold; Diminished by Death; Death at First Hand; The Deadest Thing You Ever Saw; The Burning of Billy Toober; I Know What It's Like to Die; Dark Blue & Dangerous; Dead Eye; Burial Deferred; Fate Accomplished; Sudden Departures; A Time for Dying; Daphne Dead & Done For; Murder Be Hanged; The Body of a Woman (aka None the Worse for a Hanging; Murder! Murder! Burning Bright; This Too, Sullied Flesh; Here Lies Nanny Frail by Jonathan Ross 
408. The Castle of the Demon; Death Takes the Low Road; Urn Burial by Patrick Ruell
409. Knock, Murderer, Knock! by Harriet Rutland
410. Death at Sea (Popular Library #163); Home Is the Hangman (Popular Library #205); Murder at Midnight (Popular Library #275); Benefit Performance (Armed Forces #1215) by Richard Sale
411. The Gun in Daniel Webster's Bust; The Owl in the Cellar  by Margaret Scherf
412Crime Hound (Mapback #34) by Mary Semple Scott
413. The Listening House (Avon Pocket #69); The Whispering Cup (Popular Library #57); The Chuckling Fingers (Popular Library #231) by Mabel Seeley
414. Pageant of Death by Howard Shaw (academic mystery)
415. The Lady & the Arsenic (Armed Forces #L-24) by Joseph Shearing
416. The Bolt; The Death Film by P. R. Shore
417. The War of the Worlds Mystery by Philip Shreffler
418. As Long as I Live (Bantam pocket size #320) by Ione Sandberg Shriber
419. Death on Campus by Addison Simmons
420. Why Aren't They Screaming?, Full Stop by Joan Smith (academic mystery) 
421. Death Is Like That (Popular Library #178); Did She Fall? (Pocket Books #479) by John(ny) Spain
422. Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain (academic mystery)
423. Blues for the Prince by Bart Spicer
424. Crime in Kensington (aka Pass the Body); Fatality on Fleet Street; The Six Queer Things; The Perfect Alibi by Christopher St. John Sprigg
425. Nights in White Satin by Michelle Spring (academic mystery)
426. The Yellow Taxi (Popular Library #62); The Scarlet Circle (Popular Library #90); Turn of the Table (Popular Library #267); The Dogs Do Bark (Popular Library #350); Death's Old Sweet Song (Armed Forces #1194) by Jonathan Stagge
427. Murder Leaves a Ring (Dell Mapback #662) by Fay Grissom Stanley
428. And When She Was Bad She Was Murdered (Pocket Books #779) by Richard Starnes
429. Three Short Biers (Bart House #15) by Jimmy Starr
430. Murder Goes to College; Judas, Incorporated (Dell Mapback #244) by Kurt Steel
431. Six Dead Men by Andre Steeman (trans by Rosemary Benet)
432. Good Night Sheriff (Bantam #149) by Harrison R. Steeves 
433. The Case of the Absent-Minded Professor by Aaron Marc Stein  (academic mystery)
434. Dangerous Research, By George! by P. J. Stelzer  (academic mystery)
435. Dead Wing (Mapback #314) by Stewart Sterling
436. The House Without a Door (Pocket Books #774) by Thomas Sterling
437. The Boat Race Murder by R. E. Swartwout
438. The Missing Moneylender by W. Stanley Sykes
439. The Hangman's Handyman by Hake Talbot
440. An Air That Kills by Andrew Taylor 
441. The Serpent Under It by Edith Taylor
442. Cape Cod Mystery (#171 WWII Pocket Book); Criminal C.O.D. (Popular Library #14); Out of Order (Popular Library #25); Spring Harrowing (Mapback #98); Octagon House (Mapback #171); Banbury Boy (Mapback #251) by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
443. Mansions of the Dead, Judgment of the Grave by Sarah Stewart Taylor (academic mysteries)
444. The Crimson Hair Murders by D. L. Teilhet
445. The Rim of Terror (Bantam #856) by Hildegarde Talman Teilhet
446. Accessory after the Fact; Dead Man's Shoes; Dead Storage; Doctor S.O.S.;Still No Answer; Dead on Arrival; Dusty Death by Lee Thayer
447. The Illustrator Corpse (Popular Library #227) by Tiffany Thayer
448. The Long Revenge; A Dying Fall; Not One of Us; Portrait of Lilith; Sound Evidence by June Thomson 
449. World's Best 100 Detective Stories (Volumes Two and Four) by Eugene Thwing (ed)
450. To Prove a Villain by Guy M. Townsend (academic mystery)
451. The Case Against Myself by Geoffrey Tree (John Franklin Bardin)
452. Design for Dying (Bart House #27) by Lois Trimble
453. The Hunterstone Outrage (Mystery League #20) by Seldon Truss
454. The Chinese Doll (Dell Mapback #343) by Wilson Tucker
455. Murder Made Absolute; Death on Remand; False Witness; Lawful Pursuit; Arm of the Law; Death by Misadventure; Cause of Death; Adam's Case; The Case Against Philip Quest; Girl Found Dead; Death At Deepwood Grange; Victim of Circumstance by Michael Underwood
456. The Professor Knits a Shroud by Wirt Van Arsdale (academic) 
457. Hidden Ways (Dell Mapback #67) by Frederic F. Van de Water
458. The Kennel Murder Case (hardback); The Winter Murder Case (hardback only); The Casino Murder Case (hardback only); The Dragon Murder Case (hardback & Bantam #362) by S. S. Van Dine
459. The Lone Wolf (Dell Mapback #10) by Louis Joseph Vance
460. Murder Will Out by Roy Vickers
461. Bury Him Darkly (aka Lonely Magdalen): The Verdict of You All; No Friendly Drop; Constable, Guard Thyself; Too Soon to Die; Cold Was Our Grave; The Dying Alderman; The High Sheriff; Released for Death; Malice Aforethought; The Missing Partners  by Henry Wade
462. The Door with Seven Locks (Avon #125); The Clue of the Silver Key; The Feathered Serpent (Mapback #49); The Hand of Power (Mystery League #1); The Day of Uniting (Mystery League #7) by Edgar Wallace
463. The Corpse with the Floating Foot (#24 WWII Pocket Book Edition); The Corpse Without a Clue (Armed Forces #Q-18); The Corpse with the Green Pajamas (Avon #8--but unnumbered); Murder at Midnight (Avon #16--unnumbered) by R. A. J. Walling
464. Too Many Bones; Blood from a Stone (Bantam #109); No Bones About It (Bantam #72) by Ruth Sawtell Wallis
465. House Part Murder by Colin Ward
466. The Eighth Mrs. Bluebeard by Hillary Waugh
467. The Quartz Eye; A Mystery in Ultraviolet by Henry Kitchell Webster
468. Murder Gets a Degree; Knight Must Fall by Theodora Wender
469. The Blind Side (Popular Library #64); Who Pays the Piper? (aka Account Rendered);Pursuit of a Parcel (Popular Library #197); In the Balance (aka Danger Point) (Popular Library #39); Out of the Past; The Clock Strickes Twelve (Popular Library #131); The Brading Collection; Ladies Bane; Weekend with Death (Avon WWII #29; Popular Library #29); The Case Is Closed (Popular Library #105); Rolling Stone (Popular Library #79); The Key (Popular Library #232); Silence in Court (Popular Library #283); Dark Threat (Popular Library #382); Dead or Alive (Dell Mapback #2) by Patricia Wentworth
470. Nine Days to Evil by Nancy West
471. Reduction of Staff; The Southern Electric Murder by Francis John Whaley
472. The Wheel Spins (Avon WWII pocket size edition #32; Popular Library #32); She Faded Into Air (Popular Library #75); Third Eye (Popular Library #15); Her Heart in Her Throat (Popular Library (#54) by Ethel Lina White
473. The Smartest Grave: The Second-Hand Tomb by R. J. White
474. The Crime at Diana's Pool by Victor Whitechurch
475. Murder by the Dozen (Popular Library #325) by Hugh Wiley 
476. The Division Bell Mystery by Ellen Wilkinson
477. Treasure by Degrees by David Williams
478. Fog (Popular Library #75) by Valentine Williams & Dorothy Rice Sims
479. The Panic-Stricken (Dell Mapback #263) by Mitchell Wilson
480. The Corpse that Walked by Roy Winsor
481. Midsummer Murder; Measure for Murder; Murder in Blue; The Case of the Michaelmas Goose; Catt Out of the Bag; Subject--Murder; Let X Be the Murderer; Dead on Time; A Bullet for Rhino; The Case of the Busy Bees; Silence After Dinner; Mischief in the Offing; There Was a Crooked Man; Driven to Kill; Villainous Saltpetre; Crime in Whispers by Clifford Witting
482. Which Way Came Death? by Faith Wolseley
483. The Public School Murder; A Dagger in Fleet Street; The Shadow on the Downs by R. C. Woodthorpe
484. The House of Terror (Mystery League #9) by Edward Woodward
485. The Blue Lacquer Box (Popular Library #93); Overboard (Popular Library #292) by George F. Worts
486. Duck Season Death by June Wright 
487. The Pocket Book Of Mystery Stories (Pocket books #117) by Lee Wright (ed)
488. Crime & Detection by G. M. Wrong
489. Selected Short Stories (Armed Forces #S-8); When Worlds Collide (Armed Forces #801) by Philip Wylie
490. The Body That Wasn't Uncle (Mapback #52); If a Body-- (Mapback #159) by George Worthing Yates 
491. If the Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr **historical mystery/thriller
492. On Murder by Thomas de Quincey **essays
493. Borges & the Eternal Orang-utan by Luis Fernando Verissimo **mystery & literary commentary
494. Decline of the English Murder by George Orwell **essays
495. House of Ghosts by Lawrence Kaplan **WWII, historical mystery
496. Eating People Is Wrong by Malcolm Bradbury **academic satire
497. Murder Most Poetic: The Mystery Novels of Ngaio Marsh by Mary A. Burgess (ed) **Literary commentary
498. The Joy of Reading: Confessions of a Life-long Reader; The Joy of Books by Eric Burns **Commentary; Reading
499. A Study in Celluloid: A Producer's Account of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes by Michael Cox **Biography
500. Love All & Busman's Honeymoon: Two Plays by Dorothy L Sayers by Alzina S Dale (ed) **Drama
501. Studies in Sayers: Essays to Dr. Barbara Reynolds on Her 80th Birthday by Christopher Dean **Essays
502. The Fate of the Princes by P. C. Doherty **historical fiction
503. The Killing of Richard III by Robert Farrington **historical thriller
504. Royal Blood by Bertram Fields **speculative history
505. Takeoff! and Takeoff Too!! by Randall Garrett **Science Fiction, short stories
506. As Her Whimsey Took Her by Margaret P Hannay (ed) **essays
507. Gillespie & I by Jane Harris  **historical fiction/mystery
508. The Letters of Christina Rossetti by Anthony H Harrison (ed) **literary biography
509. The Life & Times of Hercule Poroit by Anne Hurt **literary biography
510. Infernal Devices: A Mad Victorian Fantasy by K. W. Jeter **speculative, historical
511. Taverns of the Dead by Kealan Patrick Burke   **Horror
512. Shadow Play: The Murder of Robert F Kennedy by William Klaber & Phillip H Melanson **history
513. His Share of Glory by C. M. Kornbluth **Science Fiction
514. Ngaio Marsh: A Life by Margaret Lewis **biography
515. Dorothy L Sayers: Wimsey & Interwar British Society by Terrence L Lewis **literary biography
516. The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes by Terry Manners  **Jeremy Brett
517. Black Beech & Honeydew by Ngaio Marsh **autobio
518. Memoirs of a Bookman by Jack Matthews **books
519. Ngaio Marsh by Kathryn McDorman **bio
520. 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda  ** poetry
521. Josephine Tey by Sandra Ray  **bio
522. The Whimsical Christian by Dorothy L Sayers
523. Forward to Camelot by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn  **historical/speculative fiction
524. Arsenic & Clam Chowder by James D Livingston **historical true crime
525. The Girls of Murder City by Douglas Perry
526. Riddle of Berlin by Cym Lowell
527. A High Mortality of Doves by Kate Ellis **historical, just post-WWI (reviewed by the Puzzle Doctor)