TBF (Wish List)

The To Be Found (and most probably owned) List. At one time or another each of these books grabbed my interest--some of them I don't even remember why.  But maybe one day I'll get around to them and find out.  Almost everything on this list is a mystery...other genres will be marked.

~ Run with the Hare; And Let the Coffin Pass; Beyond the Dark (Dell Mapback #93) by Kieran Abbey (Helen Reilly)
~ About the Murder of the Circus Queen by Anthony Abbott (Popular Library #159)
~The Body in the Bunker by Herbert Adams
~Blazing Tree by Mary Jo Adamson  (historical mystery)
~On Murder's Skirts by Terry Adler
~Crime at Christmas; The Art of the Impossible by Jack Adrian & Robert Adey (eds)
~Murder Among Thieves by Peter Alding (vintage)
~Crime on the Kennet by Cyril Argentine Alington  
~First Come, First Kill (Bantam #34) by Francis Allen
~The Talk Show Murders by Steve Allen
~The Mind Readers; The Fashion in Shrouds (Pocket Books #329); The Sabotage Murder Mystery (Avon #29--but unnumbered) by Margery Allingham
~A Coffin for Dimitrios (Pocket Book #232--only this edition) by Eric Ambler
~The Body on Page One; She Shall Have Murder (Mapback #493) by Delano Ames
~Trail of Murder by Christine Andreae (academic mystery)
~Death in a High Latitude by James Anderson
~Midnight Lady & the Mourning Man by David Anthony (academic mystery)
~Woman in the Wardrobe by Peter Antony
~Gull Yard by Margaret Archer
~The Mystery of Cicely Thane; The Murder of Stephen Kester; The Murder of Sigurd Sharon; A Most Immoral Murder: Murder Makes Murder; Murder Comes Back  by Harriet Ashbrook
~ Death on Tiptoe; Plot Against a Widow; He Arrived at Dusk; Out Went a Taper by Ashby R(uby) C(onstance Annie) [aka Ruby Ferguson]
~One Drop of Blood; Murder at Bridge by Anne Austin 
~Anything for a Quiet Life (Bantam #39) by A. A. Avery
~Homicide for Hannah by Dwight Babcock
~Coffin Corner (Pocket Books #736) by George Bagby 
~The Great Game; The Bishop's Crime by H. C. Bailey
~The Noose Is Drawn (Armed Forces #1130) by Barber & Schabelitz
~Political Suicide; A Fatal Attachment; The Bad Samaritan; No Place of Safety; A Fall from Grace; A Charitable Body; Death on the High C's; The Masters of the House; Unholy Dying; A Cry from the Dark; the Graveyard Position; Dying Flames; The Killings on Jubilee Terrace; A Stranger in the Family by Robert Barnard
~Murder Recalls Van Kill by Spencer Bayne (academic mystery)
~Murder IntendedThe Big Fish (aka Heads Off at Midnight); He Should Not have Slipped!; The Twelve Disguises; Hell Let Loose; Coffin for One; The House of Dr. Edwards; The Norwich Victims  by Francis Beeding (vintage)
~The Lace Curtain Murders; Eyewitness to Murder by Sophie Belfort (academic mysteries)
~Murder in Hospital; The Upfold Witch; The Seeing Eye  by Josephine Bell (vintage)
~Littlejohn on Leave (and more--a lot indicated on my Amazon wish list) by George Bellairs
~A Private Killing by James Benet (Bantam #825)
~The Grand Babylon Hotel by Arnold Bennet (vintage)
~The Chill by E. C. Benson (Dell Mapback #704)
~The Blotting Book by E. F. Benson 
~Tracks in the Snow by Godfrey R. Benson
~Deadly Kisses by Phil Berger (Hollywood of the 30s)
~The Layton Court Mystery; The Wychford Poisoning Case;A Puzzle in Poison (Not to Be Taken); Roger Sheringham & the Vane Mystery (The Mystery at Lovers' Cave); Death in the House; Jumping Jenny (Dead Mrs. Stratton); Murder in the Basement; Panic Party (Mr. Pidgeon's Island);  The Second Shot by Anthony Berkley
~Foul Play Suspected by John Beynon (aka John Wyndham) RARE
~The House Without a Key (#50 WWII Pocket Book edition); The Black Camel (#133 WWII Pocket Book edition); The Keeper of the Keys (Dell Mapback #47); The Agony Column by Earl Derr Biggers
~Death in 4 Colors by Brandon Bird (Mapback #531) 
~The Hymn Tune Mystery by George A. Birmingham
~The Widening Stain by Morris Bishop (academic mystery) --have read, would still like to own
~Death in the Dark by Stacey Bishop [George Antheil]
~Swinging Murder by Lionel Black (aka Anthony Matthews)
~Murder a la Richelieu by Anita Blackmon
~The Bitter Conquest; Young Lucifer (The Briar Patch); Mr. Christopolous; The English Wife (The Factor's Wife); Monkey on a Chain (When the Sun Goes Down); The Knock at Midnight; The Widow (Party in Dolly Creek); The Lemmings (The Melon in the Corn Field); Ghost Town; The Shirt Front (I Met Murder on the Way); Miss Charley; With Fondest Thoughts by Charity Blackstock
~The Corpse in the Snowman (The Case of the Abominable Snowman) (Popular Library #60; Armed Forces #1031); Deadly Joker by Nicholas Blake
~Bedeviled (Mapback #344) by Libbie Block
~High Pavement; No Grave for a Lady; Better [Off] Dead; This Side Murder {aka Murder on the Costa Brava}; No Time to Kill by John & Emery Bonett
~Dead Reckoning; King Is Dead on Queen Street (Armed Forces #833) by Francis Bonnamy 
~Death Over Sunday (Mapback #19) by James Francis Bonnell
~The Case of the Solid Key (Avon #59); Case of the Seven of Cavalry; Far & Away; Exeunt Murderers; The Case of the Baker Street; The Case of the Crumpled Knave (Popular Library #154) by Anthony Boucher
~Death Has a Past (Bantam #897) by Anita Boutell
~The Three-Cornered Hat; Heads You Lose; Suddenly at His Residence (aka The Crooked Wreath); Fog of Doubt (only Mapback #881) by Christianna Brand
~The Clue of the Postage Stamp by Arthur Bray (RARE)
~A Matter of Fact by Herbert Brean
~The Gutenberg Murders (Mystery League #16) by Gwen Bristow & Bruce Manning
~The Cambridge Murders; The Oxford Murders by Adam Broome (academic mysteries)
~The Dead Ringer (Bantam #361); The Fabulous Clipjoint (Bantam #302 & #1134); The Bloody Moonlight (Bantam #763); The Screaming Mimi (Bantam #831); Night of the Jabberwock (Bantam #990); Death Has Many Doors (Bantam #1040) by Fredric Brown 
~Thin Air (Mapback #894) by Howard Browne
~Case with Four Clowns (Sgt Beef); At Death's Door; Death of a Cold; Death for a Ducat; A Louse for the Hangman; Death on the Black Sands; Nothing Like Blood; Crack of Doom (Such Is Death); Death on Romney Marsh; Death by the Lake; Death of a Bovver Boy; Death at Hollow's End by Leo Bruce (some academic)
~The Thirty-Nine Steps (Pocket Books edition #69); Greenmantle (Pocket Book #94) by John Buchan
~The Cornish Coast Murder by John Bude  
~So Young a Body by Frank Bunce (Pocket Books #777) 
~The Shivering Bough by Noel Burke [aka Dolores Hitchens or D. B. Olsen] (Bart House #7)
~Here Lies the Body (Popular Library #310); The Frightened Pigeon (Dell Mapback #204); Chinese Red (Dell Mapback #260) by Richard Burke
~A Taste of Power (academic mystery) by W. J. Burley
~The Secret [aka Mystery] of High Eldersham {Mystery League #15}; Death Leaves No Card; Legacy of Death; Death Paints a Picture; Up the Garden Path by Miles Burton 
~Dead Man Twice; Murder at Fenwold; Dancing Death by Christopher Bush
~The King Cried Murder; A Coffin for Pandora; Sarsen Palace; Vesey Inheritance; A Coffin in Oxford; Olivia by Gwendoline Butler
~Rest Without Peace by Elizabeth Byrd
~Murder Scholastic by Janet Caird (academic mystery)
~Site Unseen by Dana Cameron (academic mystery)
~Body in the Beck; Long Shadows; And Be a Villain; All Is Discovered  by Joanna Cannon
~The Devil in Velvet; It Walks by Night (#101 WWII Pocket Book edition); Most Secret; The Mad Hatter Mystery; Problem of the Wire Cage (Bantam Edition #304); Dr. Fell, Detective, & Other Stories; The Problem of the Green Capsule (The Black Spectacles) (Bantam Edition # 101 only); The Ghost's High Noon; The Magic Lantern Murders (The Punch & Judy Murders); Seeing Is Believing (Cross of Murder); (Death &) The Gilded Man; He Wouldn't Kill Patience;  Night at the Mocking Window (read); The Reader Is Warned; Department of Queer Complaints; March, Merrivale & Murder by John Dickson Carr [some as Carter Dickson]
~Death of a Chancellor by Warren Carrier (academic mystery)
~A Chosen Sparrow; Ruth; The Man Who Loved His Wife by Vera Caspary
~Blood in the Heather; Crime in Car 13 by Stephen Chalmers
~Dark Hero (Avon Pocket edition #123); Sinister Errand (Avon Pocket edition #114); Mistress Murder (Avon Pocket edition #349) by Peter Cheyney
~Bouquet Garni; The Libertines; Doone Walk by Douglas Clark
~Baroness of Bow Street by Gail Clark
~Murder's Holiday (Avon #394 OR #631) by Donald Henderson Clarke
~The Fifth Tumbler; Blind Drifts; The Man from Tibet; Green Shiver (Avon Pocket size #50) by Clyde Clason (academic mysteries)
~Murder at Liberty Hall by Alan Clutton-Brock
~The Poisoner's Mistake; Quickly Dead; Like a Guilty Thing by Belton Cobb
~Angel Without Mercy by Anthea Cohen
~Murder in Season (Popular Library #74); Romance in the Third Degree (Popular Library #88); Danger in Paradise (Popular Library #144); There's Always Time to Die (Popular Library #196); Dangerous Lady (Popular Library #264); More Beautiful Than Murder (Popular Library #427) by Octavus Roy Cohen
~Off With Her Head; A Knife in the Dark; Burglars in Bucks; The Brothers Sackville; Disgrace to the College; Counterpoint to Murder by GDH and MI Cole
~Brief Candles; Come & Go by Manning Coles
~The Fog Comes (Bantam #23by Mary Collins
~The Case with Nine Solutions; Grim Vengeance; Gold Brick Island; The Sweepstake Murders; The Castleford Conundrum; The Ha-Ha Case; In Whose Dim Shadow by J. J. Connington
~The Blank Page by K. C. Constantine (academic mystery)
~Hearse of a Different Color by Merle Constiner
~Into the Void: A Bookshop Mystery by Florence Converse (academic mystery)
~Dark Mirror (private eye) by Basil Copper
~Four Frightened Women (Mapback #5); The Glass Triangle (Mapback #81 & #522); Murder With Pictures (Mapback #101); The Lady Is Afraid (Mapback #147); Silent Are the Dead (Mapback #225); The Charred Witness (Mapback #240); Murder for Two (Mapback #276): Alias the Dead (Mapback #377); Murder in Havana (Mapback #423); The Groom Lay Dead (Mapback #502); Fashioned for Murder (Mapback #678); The Hollow Needle (Mapback #757); Inland Passage (Mapback #799); The Frightened Fiancee (Mapback #838) by George Harmon Coxe 
~The Applegreen Cat; The Shocking Pink Hat; Black Cypress; The Flying Red Horse; The Daffodil Blonde; Murder in Blue Street (aka Death in the Blue Hour); 13 White Tulips; Death in Lilac Time; Horror on the Ruby X; The Man in Gray (aka The Gray Stranger); The Amber Eyes; Body Beneath a Mandarin Tree; The Turquoise Shop (Avon Pocket #58) by Frances Crane
~Inspector West Takes Charge; Inspector West Regrets; Holiday for Inspector West; Battle for Inspector West; Inspector West Alone; Send Superintendent West; Death of an Assassin; Hit & Run; Murder on the Line; The Scene of the Crime; Policeman's Dread; Murder, London-South Africa; The Executioners; Murder, London-Miami; A Part for a Policeman; Alibi; A Splinter of Glass; The Extortioners (second story--Australia connection); A Sharp Rise in Crime [all stories = Inspector West] by John Creasey
~One Dead Dean; A Dangerous Thing by Bill Crider [academic mystery]
~The Azure Hand by S. R. Crockett
~The Ponson Case A Losing Game (Popular Library #121); Tragedy in the Hollow (Popular Library #18); Sir John MacGill's Last Journey (Pocket Books #105); Wilful & Premeditated (Avon #9--but unnumbered); Cold-Blooded Murder (Avon #126) by Freeman Wills Crofts
~Great Unsolved Crimes by A. J. Cronin, R. Austin Freeman, & Dorothy L Sayers
~The Fast Death Factor by Patricia Crosby (academic mystery
~Murder in a Minor Key (aka Requiem for Ashes) by D. A. Crossman (academic mystery)
~Dead as Dead Can Be; Clively Close: Wait for the Dark by Ann Crowleigh
~The Affair at the Boat Landing (Mapback #410) by A. B. Cunningham
~Nine Doctors & a Madman by Elizabeth Curtiss
~The Fowler Formula by Herbert Dalmas (academic mystery)
~The Book of the Dead (Bantam Edition #353); Deadly Nightshade (Bantam Edition #78) by Elizabeth Daly
~A Capitol Offense by Jocelyn Davey (academic mystery)
~The Murder in the Laboratory by T. L. Davidson (aka D. L. Thomson) [academic mystery]
~The Judas Cat (Bantam #927); A Gentle Murderer (Bantam #1083) by Dorothy Salisbury Davis
~Coffins for Three; the Deadly Miss Ashley (Pocket Books #804) by Frederick C Davis
~The Room Upstairs (Pocket Books edition #638) by Mildred Davis
~Murder in Time by Lillian Day & Norbert Lederer
~Murder Is a Serious Business; Murder a Mile High by Elizabeth Dean
~A Murder by Marriage (Bantam #6); On Ice (Bantam #148) by Richard Harding Dean
~Ceremony of Innocence; Such Pretty Toys; The Accused by S. F. X. Dean
~The Frightened Fingers (Dell Mapback #682) by Spencer Dean
~The Hog Murders by Willaim DeAndrea (academic)
~The Walls Came Tumbling Down by Babs Deal (academic)
~Elizabeth Is Missing by Lillian de la Torre
~The Gallows Is My Garden (Dell Mapback #682) by Richard Deming
~Double Death by The Detection Club (Dorothy L Sayers, et al)
~Devil at Your Elbow; Death Is My Bridegroom by D. M. (Dominic) Devine (academic mysteries)
~At Some Forgotten Door; The 17th Letter (Bantam #91) by Doris Miles Disney
~The Hangman's Tree (Bantam #863); The Golden Swan Murder (Mapback #15); The Strawstruck Murders (Mapback #62); Death in the Back Seat (Mapback #76); Crimson Friday (Mapback #137) by Dorothy Cameron Disney
~Death & Taxes (Popular Library #168); Shear the Black Sheep (Popular Library #202); Bullets for the Bridegroom (Popular Library #252) by David Dodge
~Murder on Tour; Murder in the Tropic; The Case of the Unconquered Sisters; The Last Trumpet; Night Over Mexico; Death Under the Moonflower; The Lazy Lawrence Murders by Todd Downing
~The Sherlock Holmes Pocket Book by Arthur Conan Doyle (WWII Pocket Book #95--must have)
~ He Shot to Kill; Murder by Chance; Death by Two Hands (aka Crime Within Crime); Murder by Proxy; Tune to a Corpse (aka Crime to Music); High Seas Murder by Peter Drax and Sing a Song of Murder (with Hazel Adair)
~Send for Paul Temple by Francis Dunbridge & John Thewes
~The Underwood Mystery; Out of the Darkness; The Shadow on the Glass; The House by the Road; The Second Bullet (aka The Westwood Mystery); The Crooked Cross; Flying Clues; The Clutching Hand; Shadow of Evil; Murder in a Library; Poison Unknown; The Samaritans of Molokai: The Circle of Death; Black Fog by Charles J. Dutton
~ Close His Eyes by Olivia Dwight (academic mystery)
~The Bell Is Answered; Twenty-Five Sanitary Inspectors; Candidate for Lilies; Detectives in Gum Boots; Murder Rehearsal; Pearl Choker  by Roger East
~While the Patient Slept (#64 WWII Pocket Book edition); Escape the Night (Bantam #46); Mystery of Hunting"s End (Avon WWII pocket size edition #35); Danger in the Dark (Popular Library #2); The House on the Roof (Popular Library #17); From This Dark Stairway (Popular Library #27); Hasty Wedding (Popular Library #73); Pattern of Murder (Popular Library #167); The Hangman's Whip (Popular Library #293); Wings of Fear (Bantam #137); The White Dress (Bantam #739); Speak No Evil (Mapback #25 & 3628); With this Ring (Mapback #83); Wolf in Man's Clothing (Mapback #136); The Man Next Door (Mapback #161); Unidentified Woman (Mapback #213); Hunt with the Hounds (Mapback #546); Never Look Back (Mapback #669); Dead Men's Plans (Mapback #767); The Unknown Quantity (Mapback #811) by Mignon G. Eberhart
~Murder in Black & White by Evelyn Elder (aka Milward Kennedy) 
~The Key to Nicholas Street (Dell Mapback #763) by Stanley Ellin
~The Web of Evil (Dell Mapback #479) by Louise Emerick
~Front for Murder (Avon #288) by Guy Emery
~The Voice in the House (The Whispering House); I Knew McBean (Caravan of Night); The Silver Ladies (The Disappearing Bridegroom); The Brood of Folly; The Case of Mary Fielding; The Ewe Lamb; The Limping Man (And Being Dead OR The Painted Mask); A Graveyard Plot (The House of the Enchantress); Old Mrs. Ommaney Is Dead (Fatal Relations OR The Dead Don't Speak); Look Behind You, Lady (Death of Our Dear One OR Don't Look Behind You) by Margaret Erskine 
~Murder May Pass Unpunished; The Young Vanish; The Dalehouse Murder; The Hammer of Doom; Murder at Plenders; Insoluble by Francis Everton
~The Lost Keats; Deadstick by Terence Faherty (academic)
~The 5:18 Mystery; (The Mystery of) Dead Man's Heath; The Fancy Dress Ball (Death in Fancy Dress); The Judge Sums Up; The Double Crime by J. Jefferson Farjeon
~The Cretan Counterfeit by Katherine Farrers (academic mystery)
~Dagger of the Mind (Bantam Pocket #93) by Kenneth Fearing
~A Long Way Down by Elizabeth Fenwick (academic mystery)
~The Grouse Moor Mystery by John Ferguson
~Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (Avon Pocket #72); Blood on Her Shoe (Popular Library #201) by Medora Field
~The Upfold Farm Mystery by A. Fielding
~The Vanishing Man (Prequel #2); An East End Murder (#4.5) by Charles Finch
~More Deaths Than One (Pocket Boos #521) by Bruno Fischer
~Rub-a-dub-dub by Robert L Fish
~The Night Before Murder (Popular Library #317) by Steve Fisher
~Academic Murder by Dorsey Fiske
~70,000 Witnesses: A Football Mystery by Cortland Fitzsimmons
~Screams from a Penny Dreadful; Too Late, Too Late the Maiden Cried; Nothing Is the Number When You Die by Joan Fleming
~The Ebony Box; The Murder at Wrides Park;The Matheson Formula; The Dressing Room Murder; The Mysterious Chinaman; The Mazaroff Murder; The Charing Cross Mystery; The Million Dollar Diamond by J. S. Fletcher
~Invisible Death; The Spiked Lion; The Mystery of the Peacock's Eye; The Murders Near Mapleton; The Case of the Black Twenty-Two; The Billiard Room Mystery; Five Red Fingers by Brian Flynn
~The Girl From Nowhere (Pockets Books #707) by Rae Foley
~The Dark Ships (Avon WWII pocket size edition #38) by Hulbert Footner
~Ill-Met by Moonlight (Dell Mapback #6); The Simple Way of Poison (#122 WWII Pocket Books); Siren in the Night (Bantam #303); Old Lover's Ghost (Bantam #114); Murder of a Fifth Columnist; Road to Folly (Bantam #42); Honolulu (Murder) Story; The Woman in Black (Mapback #447); Washington Whispers Murder (The Lying Jade); Reno Rendezvous (Mr. Cromwell Is Dead); Three Bright Pebbles (Popular Library #6); Reno Rendezvous (Popular Library #24); False to Any Man (Bantam #80); The Philadelphia Murder Story (Mapback #354); Date with Death (Mapback #547); The Bahamas Murder Case (Mapback #689); Murder Is the Pay-off (Mapback #788) by Leslie Ford
~Publish or Perish? by H. J. Forrest
~Who Killed Mr. Garland's Mistress?; Death Through the Looking Glass by Richard Forrest
~Murder Goes to College: A Badger Smith Mystery by Robert Foster (academic mystery)
~The King Against Anne Bickerton by Sydney Fowler (Wright) 
~Slender Margin by Basil Francis
~Mr. Polton Explains (Popular Library #70); The Stoneware Monkey (Popular Library #11) by R. Austin Freeman
~Murder Comes to Eden; The Man from Scotland Yard (#153 WWII Pocket Book); Mr. Pinkerton at the Old Angel (Avon #34; Popular Library #34); The Eel Pie Murders (Popular Library #9); Mr. Pinkerton Has the Clue (Popular Library #26); Mr. Pinkerton Finds a Body (Pocket Library #111) by David Frome
~The Grell Mystery; The Rogue's Syndicate by Frank Froest
~This Is Murder, Mr. Jones (Popular Library #117); Harvard Has a Homicide (Mapback #54; Armed Forces #744) by Timothy Fuller
~The Mystery Companion (Popular Library #130) by A. L. Furman (ed)
~A Convenient Death by Ruth Galbraith (academic mystery)
~Sinister Crag; Murder at 28:10 by Newton Gale
~Maze by A. H. Garnet (academic mystery)
~Appointment with Danger (Popular Library #765) by David Garth 
~No Mask for Murder (Dell Mapback #571): No Tears for Hilda (Dell Mapback #655); By-Line for Murder (Dell Mapback #765) by Andrew Garve
~Blood on the Boards (Dell Mapback #835) by William Campbell Gault
~Death at Broadcasting House; Under London by Val Gielgud & Holt Marvell
~Death in the Blackout (Bantam Pocket Edition #51); Murder Cheats the Bride (The Black Stage) (Bantam #138); Death at the Door (Bantam Pocket edition #85) by Anthony Gilbert
~Death Has Deep Roots (Mapback #744) by Michael Gilbert
~No Better Fiend; Death & the Leaping Ladies; Stab in the Back; An Entry of Death; A Death at the Bar; Bardel's Murder; A Death in the Church: Picture of Death by Kenneth Giles
~Scarecrow (Dell Mapback #193) by Eaton K. Goldthwaite 
~The Monster of Grommet (Mystery League #8) by George Goodchild
~Tidings of Joy; We Shot an Arrow by Goodchild & Bechhofer Roberts 
~Dark Passage (Dell Mapback #221) by David Goodis
~The Big Ben Alibi by Neil Gordan
~The Cipher by Alex Gordon (academic mystery)
~The Burden of Guilt (Dell Mapback #727) by Ian Gordon
~Murder of an M.P.! (aka In Search of a Villain) by Robert Gore-Brown
~In the Night; The Devouring Fire; Red Lilac by Lord Gorell 
~Seven Clues in Search of a Crime; House with Crooked Walls; A Case for Solomon; Work for the Hangman; And a Bottle of Rum; Dead Pigs at Hungry Farm; A Murder of Some Importance; Body Unknown by Bruce Graeme
~The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope (Dell Mapback #180); The Rope Began to Hang the Butcher (Dell Mapback #232) by C.W. Grafton
~The Fiend in Human by John MacLachlan Gray
~Out of Shape by Leonard Greenbaum
~Expert Evidence by Cecil Freeman Gregg
~Mystery at the Spanish Hacienda (Avon #3--unnumbered) by Jackson Gregory
~The French Key Mystery (Avon #91); The Yellow Overcoat (Popular Library #188); The Buffalo Box (Bantam #50); The Dark Street Murders (Avon #93) by Frank Gruber
~Deadlier Than the Male (Armed Forces #946) by James Gunn
~Middle-Class Murder; Hue & Cry; Rex vs. Rhodes; The Brighton Murder Trial; To Be Hanged by Bruce Hamilton 
~The Bellamy Trial (Pocket Books edition #264); The Crooked Lane by Frances Noyes Hart 
~The Smell of Money (Mapback #219); The Accomplice (Mapback #346) by Matthew Head
~ A Taste for Honey (Avon #108); Reply Paid (Mapback #44) by H. F. Heard
~Hollywood Mystery (Bart House #25); Count Bruga (Avon #11--but unnumbered) by Ben Hecht
~If Wishes Were Horses by Tim Hemlin (academic mystery)
~Murder at Large by Donald Henderson
~Music To Murder By by Vernon Hinkle
~Stairway to an Empty Room (Mapback #659); Widows Won't Wait (Mapback #779) by Dolores Hitchens
~Death at the Wedding; Six Green Bottles; The Vultures Gather by Anne Hocking
~A Death at Saint Anselm's; A Fatal Advent by Isabelle Holland 
~Cobweb House (Dell Mapback #133) by Elizabeth Hughes Holloway
~No Hands on the Clock (Bantam #52); The Case of the Unhappy Angels [Six Silver Handles] (Bantam #779); The Doctor Died at Dusk (Mapback #14); The Man Who Didn't Exist (Mapback #41); The Man Who Murdered Goliath (Mapback #86): The Man Who Murdered Himself (Avon #18--unnumbered) by Geoffrey Homes
~The Mystery of the House of Commons by Fielding Hope
~The Girl Who Died; The 41st Passenger; Pierce with a Pin; Campus Corpse  by Kenneth Hopkins
~ The Peril (Mystery League #11); The False Purple (Mystery League #23) by Sydney Horler 
~Twice Round the Clock by Billie Houston
~The Delicate Ape (Pocket edition #422; Armed Forces #828); The So Blue Marble (Mapback #100; Armed Forces #785); The Fallen Sparrow (Mapback #31); The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders (Mapback #48); The Blackbirder (Mapback #149); Ride the Pink Horse (Mapback #210); The Body on the Bench (Mapback #853); Dread Journey (Pocket Books #454); In a Lonely Place (Pocket Books #587) by Dorothy B. Hughes
~An Educated Murder by J. R. Hulland (academic mystery)
~Murder at Scandal House (Mapback #42) by Peter Hunt
~Death of an Aryan by Elspeth Huxley 
~Green Grow the Tresses-O; Top Bloody Secret by Stanley Hyland
~A Shot of Murder (Mapback #722) by Jack Iams
~Death by Moonlight (Avon #752) by Michael Innes
~Bitter Ending (Dell Mapback #289) by Alexander Irving 
~Let There Be Blood; The Egyptian Coffin; Fool's Gold by Jane Jakeman
~Footsteps in the Fog; Ring the Bell Softly; Voice in the Darkness by Margaret James (Pamela Bennett) 
~Beat Not the Bones (Avon #623) by Charlotte Jay
~Killer by Proxy (Bantam #803) by Selwyn Jepson
~Dead Man's Quarry by Ianthe Jerrold
~Death by Request by Romilly & Katherine John
~Shady Doings; The Singing Widow; Murder by the Day; Hush, Gabriel by Veronica Parker Johns
~Murder in the New Age by D. J. H. Jones
~Murder on Hudson (Dell Mapback #3) by Jennifer Jones
~Don't Just Die There; Death on the Double (Avon Pocket Size); Armchair in Hell (Mapback #316); Report for a Corpse (Mapback #330); A Copse for Christmas (Mapback #735) by Henry Kane
~This Is Murder, Mr. Herbert (Avon #159) by Day Keene
~Blind Man's Bluff (Mapback #230); The Iron Spiders Murder (Mapback #50); The Last Express (Mapback #95); The Whistling Hangman (Mapback #113); Death Knell (Mapback #273) by Baynard Kendrick
~Death in a Deck Chair; Corpse in Cold Storage (or any others) by Milward Kennedy
~Death in the Library (Dell "Mapback" #1) by Philip Ketchum
~Murder by the Clock (Avon WWII pocket size edition #31); Murder in the Willett Family (Avon Pocket #55); Murder on the Yacht (Avon Pocket #67) by Rufus King
~Brighton Beach Mystery; The Circle of Guilt; The Rigdale Puzzle; Murder in Disguise; Death Came Back by Charles Kingston
~Birthday Party; Crime at Christmas; The Cornish Fox by C. H. B. Kitchin
~The Affair of the Scarlet Crab (Mapback #75) by Clifford Knight
~Trace Elements by Kathryn L Knight (academic mystepiry)
~The Body in the Silo; The Three Taps; The Viaduct Murder; Still Dead by Ronald A. Knox
~Blood Is a Beggar by Thomas Kyd
~Miami Murder Go Round (Pocket Books #896) by Marston La France
~Switched Out by Robert Lait (set in Cambridge)
~Sherlock Holmes & the Wood Green Empire Mystery by W. Lane
~Sing a Song of Homicide (Poplular Library #63) by James R. Langahm
~Politics Is Murder (Bantam #746) by Edwin Lanham
~Gory Knight by Margaret Rivers Larminie & Jane Langslow
~Dear Dead Professor by K. Alison LaRoche (academic mystery)
~Come to Dust by Emma Lathen  
~Murder in the Madhouse (Popular Library #4); The Dead Don't Care (Popular Library #16); The Fifth Grave (Popular Library #301) by John Latimer
~Who Done It? by Alice Laurance & Isaac Asimov 
~Duet of Death; Blood Upon the Snow (Armed Forces #P-17; Pocket Books #336); Death of a Doll (Armed Services #1270); The Deadly Pavilion (Pocket Books #492) by Hilda Lawrence
~Prescription for Murder (Mapback #80); The Dark Device (Mapback #302) by Hannah Lees
~The Tunnel Mystery (Mystery League #18) by J. C. Lenehan
~The Man Who Held Five Aces (Pocket Books #739) by Jean Leslie 
~Something to Hide by Peter Levine (academic mystery)
~For Sale-Murder (Mystery League #25); Death Points a Finger (Mystery League #30) by Will Levinrew
~The Birthday Murder (Mapback #214) by Lange Lewis
~A Cracking of Spines by Roy Harley Lewis
~The Medbury Fort Murder by George Limnelius
~Black-Headed Pins (Popular Library #83); The Black Honeymoon; The Black Stocking; The Great Black Kanba; The Grey Mist Murders  by Constance & Gwenyth Little
~Murder One (Pocket Books #737) by Eleazer Lipsky
~Mr. & Mrs. North; Hanged for a Sheep (Bantam Edition #305 & hardback); Death on the Aisle (need hardback); Death of a Tall Man (Armed Forces #1231; hardback); Murder Is Served (hardback); Murder Is Suggested (need Hardback); Death Takes a Bow (Hardback); Murder Out of Turn (Hardback
); Murder Within Murder (Armed Forces #1162); Murder Comes First (Avon #434); A Pinch of Poison (hardback); Think of Death (Armed Forces #1293); The Innocent House; Death in the Mind; A Matter of Taste by Francis &/or Richard Lockridge
~The Shakespeare Murders (academic mystery) by Amelia Reynolds Long
~Bury the Hatchet (Bart House #36) by Manning Long
~The Murder on the Burrows; The Affair at Thor's Head; Death on the Oxford Road; Murder in the St. John's Woods; Murder in Chelsea; The Organ Speaks; Crime Counter Crime; A Pall for a Painter; Post After Post-Mortem; These Names Make Clues; Bats in the Belfry; The Devil & the CID (vintage copy only); Slippery Staircase; Black Beadle; John Brown's Body; Relative to Poison; Death Before Dinner (aka A Screen for Murder); Part for a Poisoner (aka Place for a Poisoner); Still Waters; Accident by Design; Murder of a Martinet (aka I Could Murder Her); Murder in the Mill-Race (aka Speak Justly of the Dead); Crook O'Lune (aka Shepherd's Crook); Let Well Alone; Tryst for a Tragedy; Death at Dyke's Corner; Case in the Clinic; The Sixteenth Stair; Fell Murder; Fire in the Thatch; The Theft of the Iron Dogs (aka Murderer's Mistake); Ask a Policeman; Murder in Vienna; Dangerous Domicile; Picture of Death; Murder on a Monument; Death in Triplicate (aka People Will Talk)  by E. C. R. Lorac 
~Dreamland; Sorrowheart by M. K. Lorens
~One More Unfortunate (Bantam #360); Verdict in Dispute (Bantam #861) by Edgar Lustgarten 
~The Drowning Pool (Pocket Books #821) by John Ross MacDonald
~The White Crow; Persons Unknown (aka The Maze); The Wraith; Rope to Spare; R.I.P. (aka Menace); Death on My Left; Mystery at Friar's Pardon; The Noose; The Link; The Dark Wheel (aka Sweet & Deadly); Escape (aka Mystery in Kensington Gore) by Philip MacDonald
~Body Found Stabbed by A. G. MacDonell
~Death Is Academic by Amanda MacKay
~The Three Couriers by Compton Mackenzie
~The Square Root of Murder by Ada Madison (rec by Puzzle Doctor)
~I Smell the Devil by Carey Magoon (academic mystery)
~Murder at Midyears by Marion Mainwaring (academic mystery)
~Only Security; Grave Goods; A Charitable End by Jessica Mann (academic mystery)
~The Next Margaret by Janice MacDonald Mant (academic mystery)
~Murder Meets Mephisto (Bart House #11) by Queena Mario
~Death in the Dusk by Virgil Markham
~ The Crimson Feather (Mapback #207) by Sarah Elizabeth Mason
~Saigon Singer (Bantam #311); Spider House (Mystery League #27) by F. Van Wyck Mason
~Do Not Disturb (Mapback #261); The Goblin Market (Mapback #295); Better Off Dead; Unfinished Crime (aka He Never Came Back); The Long Body; Two-Thirds of a Ghost; The Slayer & the Slain; Before I Die; The Singing Diamonds (aka Surprise, Surprise!); The Further Side of Fear; The Sleepwalker; Minotaur Country; The Changeling Conspiracy (aka Cruel as the Grave); The Imposter; The Smoking Mirror; Burn This; The Pleasant Assassin (short stories); Panic (Armed Forces #1034); Dance of Death (Mapback #33); The One That Got Away (Mapback #355)  by Helen McCloy
~Pick Your Victim (Armed Services #1255); Follow the Night (Mapback #612) by Pat McGerr
~Creep Shadow Creep (Avon Pocket edition #117); The Metal Monster (Avon Pocket edition #315) by A. Merritt
~On the Night of the 18th by Laurence Meynell 
~Wall of Eyes (Mapback #110); The Iron Gates (Mapback #209); Do Evil in Return (Mapback #558) by Margaret Millar
~Death at the Opera; The Devil at Saxon Wall; Late Late in the Evening;St. Peter's Finger;Tom Brown's Body; Laurels Are Poison by Gladys Mitchell
~The Careless Hangman; The Criminologist; That Nice Miss Smith; Victorian Crime Stories; The Corpse Was No Lady; Science Against Crime; Hangman's Clutch; Sing a Song of Cyanide by Nigel Morland 
~The Phantom Canoe (Popular Library #103) by William Byron Mowery
~The King & the Corpse; The Right Honourable Corpse; The Doctor & the Corpse; The Sunshine Corpse Royal Bed for a Corpse; Twilight at Dawn; Wait for a Corpse  by Max Murray
~Murder in the Limelight; Murder Makes an Entrée; Murder with Majesty; The Wickenham Murders; Murder at the Music Hall; Murder in the Motor Stable; Murder in the Smokehouse; Murder under the Kissing Bough  by Amy Myers 
~Dead Giveaway (Mapback #520) by Hugh Lawrence Nelson
~Murder of a Nymph (Pocket Books #829) by Margot Neville 
~The White Shroud by Robert Nicholas (academic mystery)
~Grave Circle by David D. Nolta
~The Genteel Murderer by Charles Norman
~Motionless Shadows (Bart House #20; aka Come Back to Me Beloved); Mystery House (Pocket Books #453) by Kathleen Norris
~Love Me in Death; Devious Design; Something About Midnight (Pocket Books #817); Gallows for the Groom; Bring the Bride a Shroud; Death Cuts a Silhouette; The Cat Wears a Noose; Cat's Claw; Catspaw for Murder; The Ticking Heart by D. B. Olsen
~The Great Prince Shan (#54 WWII Pocket edition) by E. Phillips Oppenheim
~The Dartmouth Murders by Clifford Orr (academic mystery)
~Ways of Death by Hans Owen (academic mystery)
~Corpse de Ballet by Ellen Pall
~Murder on Wheels; The Monkey Murders; Nipped in the Bud (AKA Trap for a Redhead); People vs. Withers & Malone; Hildegarde Withers Makes the Scene; Before It's Too Late (Mapback #601) by Stuart Palmer
~Mysterious Mickey Finn (Avon #243) by Elliot Paul
~In the Dead of Winter by Abbey PenBaker (academic mystery)
~Death's Long Shadow by John Penn
~She Had to Have Gas; Policeman in Armour; The Talkative Policeman by Rupert Penny
~Around Dark Corners; The Brass Chills (Avon #44; Popular Library #44) by Hugh Pentecost
~Alarum & Excursion; The Case of the Grieving Monkey; The Singing Clock; It Fell Down Dead by Virginia Perdue
~The D.A.'s Daughter (Mapback #55) by Herman Petersen
~Suitable for Framing (Pocket Books #725) by James Atlee Phillips 
~The Captain's Curio; The Jury by Eden Phillpotts
~Creeping Venom by Sheila Pim
~The Ingenious Mr. Stone by Robert Player
~The Stingaree Murders (Mystery League #29) by W. Shepard Pleasants
~The Ware Case by George Pleydell 
~Curtains for the Copper (Dell Mapback #29); Curtains for the Editor (Dell Mapback #82) by Thomas Polsky
~Time Off for Murder; No Crime for a Lady; So Much Blood by Zelda Popkin
~The Ledger Is Kept by Raymond Postgate
~All Over But the Shooting (Popular Library #92) by Richard Powell 
~Blackout in Gretley (Armed Forces C-75) by J. B. Priestly
~The Pennycross Murders (Avon #594) by Maurice Proctor
~The Boudoir Murder; The Student Fraternity Murder by Milton Propper
~Genius in Murder; Mystery of Mr. Jessop; Ten Star Clues; Diabolic Candelabra; Death Comes to Cambers; Comes a Stranger by E. R. Punshon
~Death Goes to School (academic); Death & the Maiden (Avon WWII pocket size edition #36; Popular Library #36); Murder at the Women's Club; Return to the Scene (Popular Library #47); Death for Dear Clara (Popular Library #8): S. S. Murder (Popular Library #23); Cottage Sinister (Popular Library #386) by Q. Patrick (aka Jonathon Stagge)
~The Chinese Orange Mystery (#17 WWII PB edition); The Adventures of Ellery Queen  (#99 WWII Pocket Book edition); The Siamese Twin Mystery  (#10 WWII PB edition); The Tragedy of X (#125 WWII Pocket Book); The New Adventures of Ellery Queen  (#134 WW II PB); The Dutch Shoe Mystery (#202 WWII Pocket Book); The Four of Hearts (#245 WWII Pocket; Avon #509); There Was an Old Woman (Pocket Books edition #326--have acceptable 3rd edition; would like better); Calamity Town (Armed Forces #680; Pocket Books #283); The American Gun Mystery (Dell Mapback #4); Tragedy of Z (Pocket Books #355 & Avon #465); Cat of Many Tails (Pocket Books #822); The Tragedy of Y (Avon #450)  by Ellery Queen
~Puzzle for Fools  (#83 WWII PB edition); Puzzle for Puppets (Armed Forces #T-17); Puzzle for Pilgrims (Armed Forces #1291); Black Widow (Mapback #759); Slay the Loose Ladies (Pocket Books #460); Love Is a Deadly Weapon (Pocket Books #614) by Patrick Quentin
~Casual Slaughters by James Quince
~Murder Isn't Cricket; Who Killed Dick Whittington?; John Kyleing Died; Death Has Two Faces  by Edwin Radford
~ A Cosy Little Murder; Heel of Achilles by Edwin Radford & Mona Augusta Radford 
~Ngaio Marsh: The Woman & Her Work by B. J. Rahn (ed) Biography
~Hearses Don't Hurry (Mapback #11) by Stephen Ransome
~Death from a Top Hat (Dell Mapback #69); Footprints on the Ceiling (Dell Mapback #121; The Headless Lady (Dell Mapback #176) by Clayton Rawson
~The Shadow of the Mary Celeste by Richard Rees
~Death Demands an Audience (Popular Library #7); Murder in Shinbone Alley (Popular Library #20); McKee of Center Street (Popular Library #33); The Diamond Feather; The Thirty-First Bullfinch; Man with the Painted Head; the Doll Trunk Murder (Popular Library #211); Mr. Smith's Hat (Popular Library #48); File on Rufus Ray; Dead for a Ducat (Popular Library #56); The Dead Can Tell (Mapback #17); Three Women in Black (Mapback  #709); Name Your Poison (Mapback #148); Lament for the Bride (Mapback #621); The Double Man (Dell 732); The Velvet Hand; Tell Her It's Murder; The Canvas Dagger (Bantam #1858) Ding Dong Bell (Ace Double #G-528); Follow Me (Ace G-518); The Silver Leopard (Armed Services #1241) ) by Helen Reilly
~The Bus Station Murders; No Pockets in Shrouds; The Kindest Use a Knife; The Men with Three Eyes; See Rome & Die; A Party for the Shooting by Louise Revell 
~The Paddington Mystery; Fatal Descent(w/Carr); Peril at Cranbury Hall; Death of an Author; Shot at Dawn; The Corpse in the Car; Death (Sits) on the Board (Popular Library #12); The Bloody Tower; Death at the Helm; Murder, M.D. [as Miles Burton]; Vegetable Duck; Fatal Descent (Popular Library #87 w/J. D. Carr); Dr. Priestly Investigates (Avon #5--but unnumbered); Poison for One (Avon #35--unnumbered) by John Rhode
~The Sunday Pigeon Murders (Pocket Books #434); Having Wonderful Crime (Pocket Books #289); The Wrong Murder (Popular Library #45); The Right Murder (Popular Library #89); The Big Midget Murders (Armed Forces #1106); Innocent Bystander (Mapback #461); Lucky Stiff (Pocket Books #398); The Thursday Turkey Murders (Pocket Books #461--better copy) by Craig Rice
~Murder for the Holidays (Pocket Books edition #901) by Howard Rigsby
~Sight Unseen (Avon #83); Miss Pinkerton (Popular Library #5; Mapback #494); The After House (Popular Library #21); The Yellow Room (Bantam #317); The Case of Jennie Brice (Mapback #40); The Mystery at the White Cat (Mapback #5) The Man in Lower Ten (Mapback #124 & #403); The Red Lamp (Mapback #131 & #782); The Wall (Mapback #166); The State Vs. Elinor Norton (Mapback #203); The Bat (Mapback #241); The Great Mistake (Mapback #297); The Circular Staircase (Mapback #585 & Pocket Book #98); Haunted Lady (Mapback #819); The Album (Pocket Books #121) (Avon Pocket edition #83) by Mary Roberts Rinehart 
~The Case against Mrs. Amers (Popular Library #138) by Arthur Somers Roche
~The Right Red Hand (Pocket Books #385) by Joel Townsley Rogers [this copy only]
~Don't Look Behind You (Popular Library #287); You'll Be Sorry!; You Leave Me Cold! by Samuel Rogers [academic]
~Murder in the Glass Room (Bantam #311) by Edwin Rolfe & Lester Fuller 
~Family Matters; The Vicar's Experiments; Lobelia Grove by Anthony Rolls
~They Can't Hang Me (Popular Library #64); This Way Out (Popular Library #389) by James Ronald
~The Frightened Stiff (Mapback #56); There Was a Crooked Man; Ghost of a Chance (Armed Forces #1292); Triple Threat (aka Beauty Marks the Spot); One False Move; The Blonde Died Dancing (aka She Died Dancing); Murder at Noon & Night (aka Requiem for a Blonde); Scent of Mystery by Kelley Roos
~The Calculus of Murder by Robert Rosenthal  (academic mystery)
~The Blood Running Cold; Diminished by Death; Death at First Hand; The Deadest Thing You Ever Saw; The Burning of Billy Toober; I Know What It's Like to Die; Dark Blue & Dangerous; Dead Eye; Burial Deferred; Fate Accomplished; Sudden Departures; A Time for Dying; Daphne Dead & Done For; Murder Be Hanged; The Body of a Woman (aka None the Worse for a Hanging; Murder! Murder! Burning Bright; This Too, Sullied Flesh; Here Lies Nanny Frail by Jonathan Ross 
~The Castle of the Demon; Death Takes the Low Road; Urn Burial by Patrick Ruell
~Knock, Murderer, Knock! by Harriet Rutland
~Death at Sea (Popular Library #163); Home Is the Hangman (Popular Library #205); Murder at Midnight (Popular Library #275); Benefit Performance (Armed Forces #1215) by Richard Sale
~The Owl in the Cellar  by Margaret Scherf
~Crime Hound (Mapback #34) by Mary Semple Scott
~The Listening House (Avon Pocket #69); The Whispering Cup (Popular Library #57); The Chuckling Fingers (Popular Library #231) by Mabel Seeley
~Pageant of Death by Howard Shaw (academic mystery)
~The Lady & the Arsenic (Armed Forces #L-24) by Joseph Shearing
~The Bolt; The Death Film by P. R. Shore
~The War of the Worlds Mystery by Philip Shreffler
~As Long as I Live (Bantam pocket size #320) by Ione Sandberg Shriber
~Death on Campus by Addison Simmons
~Why Aren't They Screaming?, Full Stop by Joan Smith (academic mystery) 
~Death Is Like That (Popular Library #178); Did She Fall? (Pocket Books #479) by John(ny) Spain
~Poison for Teacher by Nancy Spain (academic mystery)
~Blues for the Prince by Bart Spicer
~Crime in Kensington (aka Pass the Body); Fatality on Fleet Street; The Perfect Alibi by Christopher St. John Sprigg
~Nights in White Satin by Michelle Spring (academic mystery)
~The Yellow Taxi (Popular Library #62); The Scarlet Circle (Popular Library #90); Turn of the Table (Popular Library #267); The Dogs Do Bark (Popular Library #350); Death's Old Sweet Song (Armed Forces #1194) by Jonathan Stagge
~Murder Leaves a Ring (Dell Mapback #662) by Fay Grissom Stanley
~And When She Was Bad She Was Murdered (Pocket Books #779) by Richard Starnes
~Three Short Biers (Bart House #15) by Jimmy Starr
~Judas, Incorporated (Dell Mapback #244) by Kurt Steel
~Six Dead Men by Andre Steeman (trans by Rosemary Benet)
~Good Night Sheriff (Bantam #149) by Harrison R. Steeves 
~The Case of the Absent-Minded Professor by Aaron Marc Stein  (academic mystery)
~Dangerous Research, By George! by P. J. Stelzer  (academic mystery)
~Dead Wing (Mapback #314) by Stewart Sterling
~The House Without a Door (Pocket Books #774) by Thomas Sterling
~The Boat Race Murder by R. E. Swartwout
~The Missing Moneylender by W. Stanley Sykes
~The Hangman's Handyman by Hake Talbot
~An Air That Kills by Andrew Taylor 
~The Serpent Under It by Edith Taylor
~Cape Cod Mystery (#171 WWII Pocket Book); Criminal C.O.D. (Popular Library #14); Out of Order (Popular Library #25); Spring Harrowing (Mapback #98); Octagon House (Mapback #171); Banbury Boy (Mapback #251) by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
~Mansions of the Dead by Sarah Stewart Taylor (academic mysteries)
~The Crimson Hair Murders by D. L. Teilhet
~Accessory after the Fact; Dead Man's Shoes; Dead Storage; Doctor S.O.S.; Still No Answer; Dead on Arrival by Lee Thayer
~The Illustrator Corpse (Popular Library #227) by Tiffany Thayer
~The Long Revenge; A Dying Fall; Not One of Us; Sound Evidence by June Thomson 
~World's Best 100 Detective Stories (Volumes Two and Four) by Eugene Thwing (ed)
~To Prove a Villain by Guy M. Townsend (academic mystery)
~The Case Against Myself by Geoffrey Tree (John Franklin Bardin)
~Design for Dying (Bart House #27) by Lois Trimble
~The Hunterstone Outrage (Mystery League #20) by Seldon Truss
~The Chinese Doll (Dell Mapback #343) by Wilson Tucker
~Murder Made Absolute; Death on Remand; False Witness; Arm of the Law; Death by Misadventure; Cause of Death; Adam's Case; The Case Against Philip Quest; Girl Found Dead; Victim of Circumstance by Michael Underwood
~Hidden Ways (Dell Mapback #67) by Frederic F. Van de Water
~The Winter Murder Case (hardback only); The Casino Murder Case (hardback only); The Dragon Murder Case (hardback) by S. S. Van Dine
~The Lone Wolf (Dell Mapback #10) by Louis Joseph Vance
~Murder Will Out by Roy Vickers
~Bury Him Darkly (aka Lonely Magdalen): The Verdict of You All; No Friendly Drop; Constable, Guard Thyself; Too Soon to Die; The Dying Alderman; The High Sheriff; Released for Death; Malice Aforethought; The Missing Partners  by Henry Wade
~The Door with Seven Locks (Avon #125); The Feathered Serpent (Mapback #49); The Hand of Power (Mystery League #1) by Edgar Wallace
~The Corpse with the Floating Foot (#24 WWII Pocket Book Edition); The Corpse Without a Clue (Armed Forces #Q-18); The Corpse with the Green Pajamas (Avon #8--but unnumbered by R. A. J. Walling
~Too Many Bones; No Bones About It (Bantam #72) by Ruth Sawtell Wallis
~House Part Murder by Colin Ward
~The Eighth Mrs. Bluebeard by Hillary Waugh
~The Quartz Eye; A Mystery in Ultraviolet by Henry Kitchell Webster
~Murder Gets a Degree; Knight Must Fall by Theodora Wender
~Who Pays the Piper? (aka Account Rendered);Pursuit of a Parcel (Popular Library #197); In the Balance (aka Danger Point) (Popular Library #39); Out of the Past; The Clock Strickes Twelve (Popular Library #131); The Brading Collection; Ladies Bane; Weekend with Death (Avon WWII #29; Popular Library #29); The Case Is Closed (Popular Library #105); Silence in Court (Popular Library #283); Dark Threat (Popular Library #382); Dead or Alive (Dell Mapback #2) by Patricia Wentworth
~Nine Days to Evil by Nancy West
~ Reduction of Staff; The Southern Electric Murder by Francis John Whaley
~The Wheel Spins (Avon WWII pocket size edition #32; Popular Library #32); She Faded Into Air (Popular Library #75); Third Eye (Popular Library #15); Her Heart in Her Throat (Popular Library (#54) by Ethel Lina White
~The Smartest Grave: The Second-Hand Tomb by R. J. White
~The Crime at Diana's Pool by Victor Whitechurch
~Murder by the Dozen (Popular Library #325) by Hugh Wiley 
~Treasure by Degrees by David Williams
~Fog (Popular Library #75) by Valentine Williams & Dorothy Rice Sims
~The Panic-Stricken (Dell Mapback #263) by Mitchell Wilson
~The Corpse that Walked by Roy Winsor
~Midsummer Murder; Measure for Murder; Murder in Blue; The Case of the Michaelmas Goose; Catt Out of the Bag; Subject--Murder; Let X Be the Murderer; Dead on Time; A Bullet for Rhino; The Case of the Busy Bees; Silence After Dinner; Mischief in the Offing; There Was a Crooked Man; Driven to Kill; Villainous Saltpetre; Crime in Whispers by Clifford Witting
~Which Way Came Death? by Faith Wolseley
~The Public School Murder; A Dagger in Fleet Street; The Shadow on the Downs by R. C. Woodthorpe
~The House of Terror (Mystery League #9) by Edward Woodward
~The Blue Lacquer Box (Popular Library #93); Overboard (Popular Library #292) by George F. Worts
~Duck Season Death by June Wright 
~The Pocket Book Of Mystery Stories (Pocket books #117) by Lee Wright (ed)
~Crime & Detection by G. M. Wrong
~ Selected Short Stories (Armed Forces #S-8); When Worlds Collide (Armed Forces #801) by Philip Wylie
~If a Body-- (Mapback #159) by George Worthing Yates 

~If the Dead Rise Not by Philip Kerr **historical mystery/thriller
~On Murder by Thomas de Quincey **essays
~Borges & the Eternal Orang-utan by Luis Fernando Verissimo **mystery & literary commentary
~Decline of the English Murder by George Orwell **essays
~House of Ghosts by Lawrence Kaplan **WWII, historical mystery
~Eating People Is Wrong by Malcolm Bradbury **academic satire
~Murder Most Poetic: The Mystery Novels of Ngaio Marsh by Mary A. Burgess (ed) **Literary commentary
~The Joy of Reading: Confessions of a Life-long Reader; The Joy of Books by Eric Burns **Commentary; Reading
~A Study in Celluloid: A Producer's Account of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes by Michael Cox **Biography
~Love All & Busman's Honeymoon: Two Plays by Dorothy L Sayers by Alzina S Dale (ed) **Drama
~Studies in Sayers: Essays to Dr. Barbara Reynolds on Her 80th Birthday by Christopher Dean **Essays
~The Fate of the Princes by P. C. Doherty **historical fiction
~The Killing of Richard III by Robert Farrington **historical thriller
~Royal Blood by Bertram Fields **speculative history
~As Her Whimsey Took Her by Margaret P Hannay (ed) **essays
~The Letters of Christina Rossetti by Anthony H Harrison (ed) **literary biography
~The Life & Times of Hercule Poroit by Anne Hurt **literary biography
~Infernal Devices: A Mad Victorian Fantasy by K. W. Jeter **speculative, historical
~Taverns of the Dead by Kealan Patrick Burke   **Horror
~Shadow Play: The Murder of Robert F Kennedy by William Klaber & Phillip H Melanson **history
~His Share of Glory by C. M. Kornbluth **Science Fiction
~Ngaio Marsh: A Life by Margaret Lewis **biography
~Dorothy L Sayers: Wimsey & Interwar British Society by Terrence L Lewis **literary biography
~The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes by Terry Manners  **Jeremy Brett
~Black Beech & Honeydew by Ngaio Marsh **autobio
~Memoirs of a Bookman by Jack Matthews **books
~Ngaio Marsh by Kathryn McDorman **bio
~Josephine Tey by Sandra Ray  **bio
~The Whimsical Christian by Dorothy L Sayers
~Forward to Camelot by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn  **historical/speculative fiction
~Arsenic & Clam Chowder by James D Livingston **historical true crime
~The Girls of Murder City by Douglas Perry
~A High Mortality of Doves by Kate Ellis **historical, just post-WWI (reviewed by the Puzzle Doctor)
~Murder at the Met by David Black [true crime]