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The third round of Super Book Password is off and running. Two clues up for the "Movie Title" Password. Click sidebar picture to find the appropriate link.

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Rating System

My rating system is pretty simple: 1-5 stars; based on the system from Visual Bookshelf where I first started rating books.  I sometimes assign half stars when I can't quite decide on one category or another.

One Star: The book was just plain, stinking awful.  If I finished it, I'm not sure why and there's a good chance that I didn't.  If I bought it, it's leaving the house.  If it was borrowed, it's going back where it came from ASAP.

Two Stars: It wasn't horrible but could have been better.  There are a few redeeming qualities--maybe I like the characters or the plot, but it doesn't all come together.

Three Stars: This was a decent outing.  Enjoyable read, no real complaints--but nothing really knocked my socks off.

Four Stars: Over-all pretty outstanding.  Lots to like from characters to plot to style to setting.  A book I'd probably read again (if there weren't so many on my TBR list already) and would recommend to others.

Five Stars: A must have, must read, must recommend book.  Absolutely knocked my socks off on all counts.  Even though I really don't have time to re-read books, I will re-read this one (probably more than once).  I may bore my friends to death talking about how great this book is and will recommend it to everyone whether it's their kind of book or not.  A book to obsess over.